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The Valley Ranch Review: Montrae Holland, Gerald Sensabaugh and Tashard Choice

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Montrae Holland has been running with the 1's since Kyle Kosier hasn't been practicing. Montrae would like to keep the job even when Kosier gets healthy.

But watching [Holland] during the actual practice, it looks like Holland has a real shot to win the starting left guard spot this season. That's because last year's projected starter - Kyle Kosier - still hasn't returned to practice, hampered by last year's foot injury that caused him to miss 13 games.


"I really don't know. Kyle has been here for a while," Holland said. "I think once camp starts, we'll just see what happens. You always want to start."

Good. I want some healthy competition at the position. The Cowboys are also teaching Holland how to play center. When was the last time Holland played center?

"Never," he said when asked the last time he snapped the ball. "I've never done it before. Not in high school or anything. Nope."

If he can get that part down, then Holland could replace Cory Procter as the G/C combo even if he doesn't challenge Kosier for the starting spot.

The coaches say Gerald Sensabaugh is no Roy a good way!

Coach Wade Phillips said the speed Sensabaugh brings to the strong safety position gives the secondary the latitude to do some things it hasn't done in recent seasons. "He looks outstanding," Phillips said. "He really has a lot of ability and is a good worker. He can really cover a lot of ground. You see that real quick with him. We feel good about him."

Campo on the comparison of RW1 and Sensei.

"This guy has got better speed and is a better coverage guy," Campo said. "He's a physical guy and can cover. That gives us a little bit stronger edge at the strong safety position."

Thoughts turn to Matt Jones at the DMN blog when Wade Phillips mentions the Dallas Cowboys might need another WR.

On the way to the parking lot after his press conference, Wade Phillips mentioned that the Cowboys are considering adding a receiver to the roster. They were down to five receivers during yesterday's practice, and that group included a seventh-round pick and two undrafted rookies. They could use a pair of fresh legs out there.

Mat McBriar is trying to get fully healthy but still has a ways to go.

[McBriar] started punting again — lightly — in February, and has been taking part on a limited basis in the Cowboys’ Organized Team Activities (OTAs) for the last three weeks. "You know, it’s OK if I rest it, but it gets a bit sore if I kick on (consecutive days)," McBriar said. "So I kicked yesterday and the day before, and again today, so it’s sore now."

Jason Garrett talks Stephen McGee in this article.

"What he needs more than anything else, he needs to take snaps in the NFL," says offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, who was a backup for 12 seasons in the NFL. "He's really done everything we've asked him to do. We're thrown a lot of stuff at these guys, veteran players and rookies, the hardest position is the quarterback position when your first learning."

Tashard Choice is feeling confident.

"I think I established who I am and what I can do," Choice said yesterday. "This year is to let them know that I'm for real." "I don't know exactly how it's gonna go," Choice said, "but if they give me a chance to get in there, I'm going to be ready to roll."

He's also getting some Razorback snaps.

Last week it was receiver Patrick Crayton taking direct snaps in the Razorback. This week, it was running back Tashard Choice.

He's also lost his mind in the locker room. Making fun of Bigg?