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The Valley Ranch Review: Debating Jason Garrett; Nick Folk's Surgery "Common"

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Is Jason Garrett overrated? Not bloody likely, but Dan Parr at Pro Football Weekly writes that Garrett is the most overrated offensive coordinator in the NFL.

Overrated: Cowboys' Jason Garrett Thanks to an intriguing pedigree that fit what NFL owners were looking for in the next hot, young head-coaching candidate and his management of Dallas’ high-powered offense, the hype around Garrett skyrocketed after the 2007 season. He reportedly turned down head-coaching job offers from the Ravens and Falcons. As last year showed, however, this supposed prodigy has a lot to learn. Despite having an abundance of playmakers at his disposal, the Cowboys ranked 13th in total offense and 18th in scoring in ’08. While blame for the unit’s struggles was largely directed at Terrell Owens and a lack of team chemistry, Garrett erred by stubbornly underutilizing a deep, dynamic backfield and ultimately failed to get the most out of a talented group on "O." He may turn out to be a fine coordinator and even a great head coach someday, but people around the league are beginning to wise up that many crowned him king too soon.

Rick Gosselin ranks the Cowboys this off-season at just below average, dropping the team to 17th in the league.

Terrell Owens' departure could and probably should trigger a philosophical shift on offense to the running game. In Marion Barber, Felix Jones and Tashard Choice, the Cowboys have the ability to be a top-5 rushing attack. But Dallas needs Roy Williams to flourish on the flank and Anthony Spencer in the pass rush.

Final '08 ranking: 15

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Nick Folk told Mickey Spagnola that the hip surgery he had is a rather common one for kickers.

In fact, not only did Folk’s brother have a similar surgery, so did Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri last week. Vinatieri’s surgery was performed by the same surgeon who fixed up Folk, Dr. Marc Phillipon, in Vail, Calif. Vinatieri is expected to be ready for the Colts’ Sept. 13 season opener. Folk explained how the soccer-style kicking motion wears down the labrum which is a ring of cartilage-like material that protects the inner portion of the hip socket where the femoral head fits into. Says his hip feels better than ever.

Folk was one of thirteen players who helped make and serve sushi at RA Sushi, Thursday night, for the Rich Behm Family Trust. The event, led by Jenny Kosier (wife of OL Kyle Kosier) and the Dallas Cowboys' Women's Association raised nearly $10,000.

The list inlcuded Tony Romo, DeMarcus Ware, Jason Witten along with, Kyle Kosier, Nick Folk, Mat McBriar, DeAngelo Smith, Doug Free, Pat McQuistan, Montrae Holland, Cory Procter and Bobby Carpenter and former Cowboys lineman Marco Rivera.

Romo spoke about Behm.

"Rich is an important part of the organization involved in the day-to-day activities of the team," Romo said. "It's not just the players. There are a whole bunch of people who put us in position to win. Coaches, players, front office and all the people behind the scenes that people don't see. We wouldn't be where we are without all of those people and Rich is one of those guys."

Behm's wife, Michelle, commented on the support.

"It's very overwhelming," Michelle Behm said. "These players are great. They are just ordinary people. They've really helped us out a lot. Whether it's coming out to the hospital to bring meals or something like tonight, they're just really great guys and they've really helped us out through all of this. Tonight was a big night and Rich is doing very well. We're really thankful for everyone who came out to support us."

Christopher Harris at ESPNFantasy took a look at how some quarterbacks such as Tony Romo and Peyton Manning will respond (fantasy football-wise) to losing targets, Terrell Owens and Marvin Harrison, respectively.

So what fate awaits Romo? On the plus side, unlike the post-Owens 49ers and Eagles, the Cowboys do have a proven, legit No. 1 receiver left on their roster in Roy E. Williams. Sure, he stunk once he came to Dallas in '08, but he also had an injured foot. He's 27, has a 1,310-yard season under his belt, and definitely offers high-ceiling potential. But let's face it: He ain't T.O. He's injury-prone and was known as something of a diva in his own right in Detroit. Yes, Romo has Jason Witten and some potentially interesting complements in Patrick Crayton and Miles Austin, but the fact is, Owens' departure is a perfect excuse for the Cowboys to get away from their sometimes ridiculous gun-slinging ways and start running the ball more. They had the eighth-heaviest pass-versus-run mix in the NFL last year, throwing on 57.7 percent of offensive snaps. With the troika of Marion Barber, Felix Jones and Tashard Choice in the backfield, presumably offensive coordinator Jason Garrett would like to see a bunch more handoffs.

Apparently, the Cowboys knew of Summit Structure's Philadelphia Regional Port Authority canopy collapse prior to the company's building of their practice facility.

Last weekend's DWI arrest of Cowboys Stadium's general manager has inspired the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission to investigate liquor sales at the stadium.

Just a friendly reminder for any Cowboys-related talk regarding Michael Vick's release:

Last month, Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones, who had been speculated to be a potential suitor for Vick, told the Dallas Morning News that the team was not interested in him.

Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf, who had a stint with the Cowboys in '01, will surrender on drug and burglary charges.