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The Valley Ranch Review: Mini-camp Report Day 3

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Click on the photo for more shots from mini-camp.

Some quick stuff about the three-day mini-camp.

Stephen Hodge surgery and other notes.

Rookie linebacker Stephen Hodge and wide receiver Travis Wilson each had arthroscopic left knee surgery Tuesday to remove loose cartilage. Both players are expected to be ready when training camp begins in late July.

Hodge, a sixth-round pick, is transitioning from college safety to inside linebacker in the Cowboys' 3-4 scheme and also is expected to contribute on special teams.

Injuries from plus practice notes.

Missing practice were Nick Folk (hip), Travis Wilson (knee), Sam Hurd (quad), Miles Austin (hamstring), Felix Jones (quad), Rodney Hannah (finger), Justin Rogers (leg), Stephen Hodge (knee), Kyle Kosier (foot), Kevin Ogletree, Isaiah Stanback (knee) and Igor Olshansky (back).

Willie Reid, the newly-signed WR, was also out sick. A lot of WR's not practicing...

To make up for the deficiency Roy Williams and Patrick Crayton were taking reps with the third-team offense, quarterbacked today by Rudy Carpenter.

Rudy Carpenter. Forgot all about that guy!

Spags on mini-camp.

Archer reports that Romo says: no slim down message from Garrett.

"There was no such meeting," Romo said. "We live in a world where it's sensationalized. When you see something or hear something, you write it. That's completely false. If there's anything those guys tell me, it's to throttle back sometimes just because I do a lot of running playing soccer and basketball and stuff to stay in shape, plus the stuff we do. So when you hear stuff like that, people don't know."

The Star-T gives Sensei some love. Sensabaugh discusses the suggestion that his run defense will be a drop-off from Roy Williams.

"No drop-off," [Gerald] Sensabaugh said. "I was a run-support guy in Jacksonville; in a 4-3 scheme you have a gap, and I took on lead blockers. I had surgery on two shoulders. We did a lot of hitting over there. [But] run-game wise, it’s a lot easier to play the run game here."

Marty B love.