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The Valley Ranch Review: Finally, Some Love for Roy Williams; Orlando Scandrick Delivers...Pizzas!

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Drew Pearson is one former Cowboy who is confident in Roy Williams. Being one of the greatest wide-outs to don a star on his helmet, Pearson shared why he thinks Williams has the intangibles to make it as Dallas' #1.

"I had a talk with him a couple of weeks ago when our paths happened to cross, and he told me what he's been doing since the beginning of March, working with the other receivers; working with the quarterbacks, including (Tony) Romo; working on how to develop the trust, the love, the relationships with not only Romo, but all the quarterbacks, all the receivers, all the offense," Pearson said. "And that's what you've got to do, that's what it takes.

"So I give him a pass to the head of the class. He's proven. He's done some great things in the NFL. And I've got to feel like he is really excited and motivated to do some of those things and even greater things in a Dallas Cowboys uniform, being a Texas guy. I think he will step up and do what he has to do."

Steve Wyche at recognized ILB Bradie James as one of the NFC East's "unheralded" linebackers.

James follows the format of how to ideally play the strong side, inside linebacker position in a 3-4. James is frequently responsible for taking on the lead block and he is a violent knee buckler, whether it's a guard, fullback or trapping tight end. Besides playing his role responsibly, James also has been Dallas's top tackler for the past three seasons. He had a career-best 116 tackles last season and he added eight sacks, a very high total for an inside backer.

A "violent knee buckler"? You gotta like that!

In just two weeks of OTAs, Gerald Sensabaugh has looked impressive, according to Coach Phillips. The strong safety may just be a perfect fit in this style of the 3-4 defense.

"Sensabaugh looks outstanding," Phillips said last week. "He’s really got a lot of ability, good worth ethic, but he can really cover a lot of ground. We can cover in man to man with him . . . he has great speed along with cover ability."

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Starting a new job is both scary and exciting for NFL rookies. For guys like DeAngelo Smith and Mike Mickens, being drafted together out of the University of Cincinnati's defensive backfield will make their transition to the Cowboys' roster a little easier.

"I feel like it's good just to have a familiar face on my side," Smith said. "It's rare that you get your own teammate, the one that's been with you for like four years on the other side (of the secondary). It feels good just to have him here." [snip]

"He brings home to me," Mickens said. "He's here with me, and it makes me not homesick or anything . . . It's good to have a teammate here. We're friends and we hung out all through school. "It's just good to have somebody here like that."


While Mickens has been working to complete his schoolwork at these past OTAs, Smith has seen his fair share of attention from secondary coach Dave Campo.

"I like him as a ball-hawk and a hitter," Cowboys defensive backs coach Dave Campo said. "And his ability to go to the football. He has a real good instinct for the football, so he's going to start out at safety. Now, we're going to play him some at corner, but that's not going to be his main position. His main position is going to be free safety. I really graded him as a safety more than I did as a corner."

In this DMN video, 3rd-round draft pick Jason Williams talks about doing the best he can to "be the best player out there" while he transitions from the college to the pro game. He sure does talk with a lot of confidence!

Looking to contribute more to the Cowboys than just in the secondary, cornerback Orlando Scandrick helped Jerry Jones and Papa John's Pizza founder, John Schnatter, deliver more than 800 pizzas to nearly 2,000 workers at Cowboys Stadium this past Saturday.

Schnatter also personally delivered pizzas to the kids participating in the Tashard Choice Youth Camp at Sam Houston High School earlier in the day. Schnatter served pizzas and also gave a financial donation to the Tashard Choice Foundation.

It was a full day for Scandrick as well. He worked the Choice camp before coming over to the stadium.

Brian Stewart's coaching role with the Eagles is more definitive now. The former Dallas defensive coordinator has been named a "special assistant" to the Philly defense, working primarily with the secondary.

"Brian Stewart brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our football club," said head coach Andy Reid. ""He especially has a good understanding of the NFC East acquired during his time with the Cowboys. He'll be a nice addition to our coaching staff.""

Ready for some more Martellus Bennett? The entertaining tight end was a recent guest on Deadspin. Bennett answered a wide variety of questions ranging from his physique, to P.F.Chang's dumplings, to how lame T.O.'s tweets are. Evidently, defensive end Marcus Spears interrupted the interview four times!

Both Spears and Marty B played in the charity basketball fundraiser for Rich Behm. You can watch video of the actual game here on YouTube, including some pregame interviews. Other current Cowboys, such as Patrick Crayton and Courtney Brown, took on a team of old-school players, such as "MOOOSE!" and Mr.222-total-tackles, Eugene Lockhart.

Today begins week three of OTAs for the Cowboys. Usually, Tuesdays are open to the media; but, today's access has been cancelled because of weather and a scheduling change.

The Cowboys have one more week of OTAs after this, and then a full squad mini-camp June 15-17.