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Cowboys Jason Williams gets some love

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Our own Jason Wililiams pops up on a list of non-first-round draft picks that could have an impact on defense this year for NFL teams.

OLB Jason Williams, Dallas (third; 69th): Despite not being invited to the Combine, Williams was the first of Dallas' 12 draft picks and could be the rookie likeliest to make an immediate impact for the Cowboys. His initial impact may be felt only on special teams; he boasts 4.49-second speed in 40 yards at 6-1, 240 pounds. But don't be surprised if Williams earns playing time as the nickel linebacker on obvious passing downs. He is undeniably raw, but his athleticism turned heads during early practices and the Cowboys aren't yet sure what they have in veteran Keith Brooking and perpetual disappointment Bobby Carpenter.

DeMarcus Ware is the #2 most irreplaceable player in the league, only behind Peyton Manning. (According to Football Outsiders).

2. DeMarcus Ware, ROLB, Cowboys

Some pass-rushers aren't effective against the run -- take Dwight Freeney, who often vacates his gap to try to rush around the offensive tackle to the passer. Ware's not like that. When it comes to stopping the run, the only gap against which the Cowboys were in the top 10 a year ago was left tackle, which is Ware's responsibility. The Cowboys' league-high Adjusted Sack Rate (which adjusts cumulative sack totals for the number of passes attempted and quality of offense), of course, owes much to the impact Ware has. He's the best two-way defender in the game.

I always liked La'Roi Glover, he was a guy we could count on to be a player on defense when he was here. Now, he's retiring.

Couple of Cowboys holding youth camps. Bradie James holds his annual get-together. And whenever George Teague's name comes up, he gets love from me for being the "protector of the star". He's holding a camp, too.

Just because no thread would be complete without it...a Tony Romo discussion with a ton of quotes.

Marcus Spears wins a golf tournament.

The thing that wouldn't die.