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The Valley Ranch Review: Football, Golfing and Music

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Michael Silver at Yahoo Sports has another good Cowboys article up. Initially, he focuses on Jerry World. He gives it a thumbs-up.

It is, quite simply, the finest athletic venue in the world, the new millennium’s answer to the Roman Colosseum.

But then the article switches gears and talks about the sobering fact of the bubble collapse, Rich Behm's injury, and how those events have made for a different offseason. Even Jerry isn't celebrating the move to the new stadium quite as care-free as he would have liked. It's also caused the Cowboys to perform a new routine for the OTA's and mini-camp, and the tragedy might be forging some bonds.

"We’ve had to go through a little bit of adversity here," quarterback Tony Romo(notes) said after last Tuesday’s minicamp practice in Carrollton. "Having to bus out here every day, it’s kind of like we’re in high school again. But it’s good for us. It has forced us to hang together and focus in on ourselves as a unit and realize that it’s all about us, and nothing else."

The article is a good read, check it out.

Good, long interview with Jason Williams over at the Ranch Report.  Williams commenting on beating the 40 times of almost all the linebackers at the combine.

"It really wasn’t about beating anybody, it was just proving that my name should be in the same sentence as those guys," Williams maintained. "I made this shirt, it was just a black t-shirt and the letters read, ‘numbers don’t lie,’ and it was kind of my own slogan. I’m just an energetic, charismatic guy and I just like to do stuff to entertain, I guess. And the shirt was just a reminder to myself that since I didn’t get invited to the Combine, my numbers are going to speak to why I should have been invited."


Besides his speed and strength, another reason he was picked so high has to do with his impressive versatility. Williams played multiple positions before ending up at linebacker, and at Western Illinois he showed that he can play inside or outside ‘backer, stuff the run or bring the pass rush. "There were certain times in our scheme where I’d be playing inside, other times I’d walk outside of the box, where I’d be lined with the slot receiver," noted Williams, who registered 15 sacks over his college career. "I did a little bit of everything in college."

Make the jump below to read the rest of the VRR.


JJT's got a theory.

You don't win in today's NFL if your best players don't play to their salaries. It's that simple.

Safety Roy Williams, Terrell Owens, Anthony Henry, Leonard Davis and Tony Romo had the five highest salary-cap figures on the team last season. Only Davis consistently played to the standard he has established for himself.

Just so you know, that's the best way to judge players.

Read the rest to see if you agree.

Nick Eatman calls out the young vets who need to produce.

Free Reign gets a deal. Marc Colombo, Leonard Davis and Cory Procter must now answer the 'Romo Questions'. Are you spending more time writing songs than watching film? Are the groupies sapping you of that extra-energy for practice? Will your Behind The Music episode in 10 years discuss the regrets around your music success and how it made your football careers suffer?

Romo's going to golf, and ain't no one stopping him.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has no problem getting tee times. At next week's AT&T National, he will be playing in the Wednesday pro-am with tournament host Tiger Woods. Then he'll compete in the American Century Championship celebrity tournament, which also includes former Cowboys RB Emmitt Smith, on July 17-19 at South Lake Tahoe, Nev.

Speaking of the American Century Championship, ex-pitcher Rick Rhoden is the favorite, but Romo isn't far behind at 3-to-1.

In more golf news, this is a nice story.

[Pro golfer] Rich Beem helped raise $10,321 for Cowboys scouting assistant Rich Behm, who was severely injured in the collapse of the team's practice facility. Through his " Beem Fore Behm" project, Beem contributed $100 for each birdie he made at the HP Byron Nelson Championship and the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial. Beem made seven birdies and one eagle despite missing the cut at both events. The PGA Tour, both tournaments, the Cowboys, Callaway Golf and online donors joined the effort. "It ended up being much more than I envisioned," Beem said.