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The VRR: Romo Stuff, Free Reign on Stage

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No real 'football' news coming out from the Cowboys. Here are some links to the 'human interest' side of Dallas. Hey, it's the the 'dead zone' - but only a month to go!

From The Sporting News, a list of QB's that have yet to win a SB, but with a shot this year, includes Romo.

Romo, however, never has won a playoff game and has become perhaps the NFL's most scrutinized QB. The pressure on Romo never has been greater, following the Cowboys' late-season collapse and the decision to cut Terrell Owens. Yet, Romo insists he never has felt better about Dallas' chances.

"This has been the best offseason, as far as people competing at any extremely high level and people getting better," Romo said. "Just because stuff's going well now doesn't guarantee us success this year."

Free Reign gets the Deadspin treatment. Their conclusion:

But they play their own instruments, and they're competent, and that's enough to dub them best crossover athlete/musicians in history.

More VRR after the jump.


Former Cowboys Robert Newhouse and Toby Gowin expressed their thoughts on the current Cowboys team.

Newhouse: "I think the team is going in the right direction," said the former Houston Cougar, who still has many relatives that live in Marshall. "Will they win this year? I know they have a lot of great players. Will they mix? That's what they go to training camp for and what they work hard for to get those things done. I look for a pretty decent season this year."

Gowin: "I'd just like to see them win a playoff game," said Gowin, who grew up as a Cowboys fan in Jacksonville and who now resides in Tyler. "These days in the NFL, you never know who's going to come out and have a breakout year. Every year is different. One year the expectations are Super Bowl and then nothing happens. Maybe if the expectations are a little bit less, then they can not have so many distractions and they can take care of business and do well."

When Jason Witten started his annual football camp in his hometown of Elizabethton, Tennessee back in '03, 120 kids participated. This weekend, more than 1,800 campers and 3,500 spectators came to see the Pro Bowl tight end help teach teamwork and dedication.

Part of the draw is the chance to see Witten and receive instruction from the other football stars who volunteer their time to help out at the camp. Back for his second year was former Ohio State and current Cowboy linebacker Bobby Carpenter. Two of the newest Cowboys were also on hand - defensive backs DeAngelo Smith and Gerald Sensabaugh. 


Witten spoke highly of his old rival, Sensabaugh. "I think I lost two games on this field in high school and he was one of them," said Witten. "You come to Dallas to take over for Roy Williams and there's a lot of pressure. He's met every standard if not more. He's just an amazing athlete and I didn't really realize how talented he was. He's a great guy and has overcome a lot. I've developed a great friendship with him. He's a really, really good football player and people will see that this season."


Romo played in a golf tournament this weekend and was used as a measuring stick. Tom Halla, a 40-year old amateur who has been playing in Wisconsin tournaments for over two decades, had this to say:

"We have our own tournament, the LOG - low old golfer - and I'm happy to win that," [Halla] said. "And I beat Tony Romo by 10."

Romo, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback and a Burlington native, tied for 18th place at 1-under 287.

Stadium's all good.

The latest on the practice 'bubble' collapse