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Cowboys Stadium Hosts First Event

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Not a whole lot going on right now. Plus, the weather here in the Southeast was beautiful this weekend so getting outside was the thing to do.

Cowboys Stadium made its official debut with a country concert.

More from the DMN.'s take.

The Dallas Observer's review (a more critical take).


Quick blurb on the DeMarcus Ware negotiations.

But when will Ware be re-signed? Reports are that the two sides are not close, even amid rumors that some basic parameters of a deal had been discussed. Bottom line: It will happen, but perhaps not in the next few weeks. There’s just no way the Cowboys are going to let Ware hit the open market, but the lack of a deal, meanwhile, makes the situation slightly more tense and interesting.


Interesting story on former Cowboy Cornell Green. He spurned basketball to play football, but that wasn't really his initial plan.

Green agreed to put his name on the dotted line simply to get part of a signing bonus, no matter if he reported or not.

We're not talking millions here. We're talking the "standard $250" that a player was paid by the Cowboys to commit and not sign with another pro team. (Remember, this was during the NFL-AFL bidding war.)

"I wasn't planning on playing for the Cowboys or anybody else (in the pro football)," Green admitted. "But I figured if they were going to give me 250 bucks for nothing, I'd take it." Green laughs about it now. But what he felt at the time was serious.

"Making the Dallas Cowboys," he said, "was the farthest thing from my mind."