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It's Tony Romo Day on ESPN

I'm flipping through the channels on TV when I come across SportsCenter on ESPN. They now show the upcoming stories on the left-hand side of the screen and the next story listed was Tony Romo. Hmm, Tony Romo news? So I stuck around. I thought it was going to be about the chat he held yesterday that Aaron summarized. Or maybe his paring with Tiger in a golf tournament. When the story finally arrived, there was a picture of Romo and T.O. on the screen. Uh oh, what happened now?

I should have known, suckered by ESPN once again.

The anchor started off with the ominous; it's been a drama-filled offseason for the Cowboys once again. Really? And here I was thinking that this is the most boring offseason I've seen from the Cowboys in a while (excepting the practice 'bubble' collapse). On the drama scale, I'd rank this offseason somewhere between a session of Transcendental Meditation and taking a nap while vacationing at a tropical beach. But I figured T.O. or Romo had really stepped in it somehow, since SportsCenter was hyping a conflict.

Turns out, it was Tony Romo taking a kid from the Starlight Foundation to a Yankees game. The kid is battling leukemia and this was his wish. ESPN, at least, did mention this fact and aired a question from everybody's favorite Ed Werder about it with a Romo reply. But we quickly moved to Werder asking Romo about T.O.'s comments on leadership last week. Romo didn't take the bait, chided Werder and the press about misinterpreting what people say, especially T.O., and that he hadn't seen the comment so he's not going to comment. He then went on to praise T.O.'s abilities. All with that "I think you're a total rat" grin on his face while Werder looked for a money quote.

And that was that. Some drama.

Romo also discussed his girlfriend and the idea that he was bottom-heavy. His response to the out-of-shape issue:

"That's just for other people to talk about. All you can do is put your head down and go to work each day and try to achieve. It's all about just trying to achieve a goal and working hard to do it."

Romo is all over SportsCenter this morning. Videos are below so make the jump. BTW, the clip below with the Werder interview is not the same anchor lead-in that I saw this morning.

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