Is Wade really a new man?

I was really happy when Jerry hired Wade. Since then I have been a Wade defender to a certain extent, although I have had my issues with him as of late. After the Philly game Wade committed to being a changed man - no more Mr. Cupcake. Now we have a player's account via Bradie James:

"Wade is different," James said on ESPN 103.3 yesterday. "Wade is really different, man."


"This is the most I've ever talked to Wade Phillips," he said. "For whatever reason, he sits in our meeting room and this is his defense. I've learned so much in the last couple of weeks, just dealing with him during minicamps and OTAs.

"I think I've gained a whole new appreciation for him and the scheme, because there's no middleman now. When you had a defensive coordinator, you had Brian Stewart, so you had to go through him and you don't know how Wade is feeling. You've just got to take him for his word. Now you don't have that. You go straight to the horse's mouth, and he makes the change right here on the field and it stays that way. There's no uncertainty."

OK maybe there is no evidence here of Wade being tougher, but the fact that he is more involved with the defense I think will help with stupid mistakes we see all too often. And that should pay immediate dividends.

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