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Following the Cowboys and Blogging The Boys

A couple of more weeks to go and football is back in action. The ordinary fan may consider the opening weekend in September as the start, but the hardcore know that once training camp gets here, it's all guns blazing. We're getting closer.

But, since we are still in the dead zone, I thought I'd update everybody on some stuff.

BTB has joined the social network craze. I'm not sure if you guys know it or not but we have a Facebook page at We're working on plans to do more with the page so if you have a Facebook account, go ‘friend' us at the BTB page.

We also got a Twitter page, doesn't everybody? You can follow us on Twitter at We got a pretty good number of people following us over there but I'd always like to add more. So jump over and follow us. If you have your own Twitter account you can ‘Retweet' our posts by hitting that button at the bottom of most posts. Feel free to retweet anytime. Yes, I know, I'm embarrassed to have used the words twitter and retweet so many times in this paragraph. Am I even speaking English anymore?

Below each post is a Digg button. We'd love to get our stories posted on Digg more often. So if you like a post, or even if you don't and just want to help us out, post us on Digg then vote for our stories.

I see that a few people have already received their copy of the MSP Cowboys Annual. I hope you guys are enjoying it. If you have any positive reviews to share with others, feel free to post them. If you have a negative review, save it until the magazine is no longer on sale! You can still order the magazine before they hit newsstands in a week or so.

Also, just wanted to mention BTB can be found on the Yahoo Sports Cowboys page and the CBS Sports Cowboys page.

Don't forget, we also have an RSS feed. Look in the top part of the left-hand column to get the feed.

We'll be steering the blog more and more toward training camp over the next week. Stay tuned to BTB. We're about to hit the fun part of the year. Thanks for your support.

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