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Cowboys links

Fresh batch of links to Cowboys articles. goes in-depth on Isaiah Stanback and how injuries have frustrated his career.

Frustration? Yeah, and then some.

"Oh man, it's pretty high," Stanback said when asked to rate his frustration level from 1-10. "I don't know, probably an 11 or 12 maybe."

We're right there with you on that one.

More links below.

In an article in a Tampa Bay paper, they discuss the Bucs expenditures on player costs between 2004 and 2008 using a recent article on They conclude the Bucs have spent the least of anybody in that time-frame. What does this have to with Dallas?

Conversely, Dallas led the NFL with $566.89 million spent during that time frame, while Seattle is second ($552.42 million), followed by Washington ($547.37 million). However, between 2004 and 2008, Dallas and Tampa Bay have the same amount of playoff appearances and wins- two appearances and no wins.


Nick Eatman wades into the "next Ring of Honor inductees" debate.

The Cowboys unveiled the new logo for Cowboys Stadium. They wanted a clean, timeless logo. What do you guys think?


Another take on the stadium at ESPN.

A Martellus Bennett video that shows he's still nutty.

Get your Cowboys jerseys here! The Cowboys are building a new merchandise hub that will cover 400,000 square feet.

A Washington Post blogger is sick over the Cowboys fans at Romo's golf appearance.

This is when I knew it was gonna be bad. We were on Congressional's 12th fairway, Tiger and Tony's third hole, when I saw a father and daughter in matching Romo jerseys perched around the green. That would be Joe Ramirez from Mechanicsburg, Pa., along with his 5-year old daughter, Dallas. Yeah, Dallas.

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