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Open Thread: Killing Off the Offseason

Our long national nightmare is over. Since this is Sunday, the start of a new week, and on Wednesday of this week, the Dallas Cowboys will hold their first training camp practice; I'm declaring the offseason officially over! It's business time for the NFL and the multitude of fans that have suffered endless months of football-free madness. Soon, we'll all be able to slake our thirst for real football news and things that matter.

Forget the collapse at the end of last season - ancient history. The teeth-gnashing we all felt after that ignoble defeat at the hands of the Iggles can now be replaced by optimism and hope. There's nothing like the start of a new season to stir up the promise of better days, anything is possible for any team at this moment in time. All it takes is some talent, a lot of hard work, a dash of luck, and your team can be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season. At least that's what we all believe at this time. (Although I'd have to check with Lions and Raiders fans to know for sure).

Tomorrow, I'll be posting more on BTB's coverage of training camp. We'll have three people in attendance at various times; Rafael, Aaron and me. You know we'll work like crazy to bring you all the coverage we can in these formative weeks of the 2009 season.

Since BTB has declared the offseason over - and it's a Sunday with little news - consider this an open thread for everybody's thoughts on the upcoming training camp and how exciting it is to have real football back in a matter of days.

Here are some headlines for reading material:

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DMN: Dallas Cowboys head into training camp hoping to minimize drama.

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