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BTB Social Media: A Primer

[Ed. Note by Grizz]: I saw a few comments asking about our Twitter account so I thought I'd ask the guy who is really running the BTB Twitter and Facebook sites to fill you guys in some more. albyman32 is a long time BTB-reader and occasional commenter. He volunteered to help me out with the social media stuff and here's some of what he has planned. [End Note]

From BTB social media maven, albyman32:

Fellow BTBers-

Grizz posted about this a few weeks ago, BTB is making an effort to get more active in the social media realm. A request was put out several months ago for a social media guy to help facilitate and implement a strategy to get BTB active on Facebook and Twitter. I've long been an voracious reader of this and several other SB Nation blogs, albeit not an active poster. In addition, I've been a user of Facebook and more recently Twitter, so I volunteered to help in this effort. The end goal is to help drive traffic to the blog, create more awareness about BTB amongst the Cowboys fanbase, and give current BTBers another channel to interact with the best Cowboys blog around. For those already following the Twitter page or fans of the Facebook page, you'll be seeing a lot more activity as the season is fast approaching. For those who are users of either of these sites but aren't linked up with us, I encourage you to do so. Your interaction is crucial to make these efforts worthwhile and improve the fan experience.

We've got a few things planned and we're also open to ideas as well. These include:


-Live game tweeting
-Breaking news via Twitter/Facebook
-Instant tweets and Facebook updates when a new entry is posted on the blog
-Instant posting of photos from training camp
-Interacting with other Cowboys and NFL players on Twitter (I was actually keeping MartyB updated when the roof collapsed at Valley Ranch since he was in McAllen at the time)
-Crosstalk with the SBN blog's twitter of that week's opponent
-Fan photos on our Facebook wall
-Setting up BTB meetups via Twitter/Facebook
-Discussion forums on our Facebook page

I'll be actively responding to @replies and comments on our wall. If you have any questions, ideas, or are just utterly confused, you can comment away here or via Twitter and Facebook. And now for the links:

Also, we've added Twitter and Facebook widgets to the blog, on the bottom of the right-hand column.

Go forth and tweet us or write on our wall!

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