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Will the Cowboys Quarterback Controversy Distract the Team?

What Cowboy QB controversy? Exactly, there is no controversy and Cowboy fans can be thankful for that. (Sorry for the sucker headline, like Parcells once said, consider yourself sucked!)

Think about the drama some teams are facing as they head into camp this year. There are teams going to training camp wondering who their QB will be. Will that QB have the physical skills, the leadership skills, the mental and emotional strength necessary to take their team through the regular season and deep into the playoffs?

Consider the Washington Redskins and their QB Jason Campbell. Campbell knows that the team must not have full confidence in his ability based on their pursuit of Jay Cutler during the off season. How does this public vote of ‘no confidence' affect the mind and play of a young quarterback?

The Vikings have a team that many feel is a Super Bowl contender. They were about to enter training camp with rumors that coaches and players were sending Brett Favre text messages to come and join their team. Even though Favre decided to stay retired, Vikings QB Tarvaris Jackson will be riddled with doubt about the coach's confidence in him.

There will be some question in San Antonio about Romo's ability to be a leader, but there is no doubt in his mind, or in the mind of anyone else, that this team and the starting QB position is his. It is an advantage to know in advance who to build your offense around.

Tony Romo has earned that confidence by his on-field play. He ranked 8th in efficiency (91.4) out of all NFL starting QBs in 2008 and this after missing three games with injury. He rated better than 75% of all quarterbacks in the league. He was rated higher than all other NFC East QBs (Donovan McNabb 86.4, Eli Manning 86.4, Jason Campbell  84.3) and higher than Super Bowl winner Big Ben Roethlisberger (80.1).

I understand the system is somewhat dated and measures the passer's efficiency - not his ability to lead or inspire. However, it is the system applied to all NFL QB's past and present. And it is an indication that your passer can get the ball down the field.

This much is certain, Romo is the Cowboys starting QB before training camp opens, during training camp and he will be the starter when the regular season begins - and a lot of teams wish they were in that position.

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