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Camp Questions: Who is Really Good and Who is Not?

I see signs of premature evaluation:  Roy Williams may be struggling. Should I worry?

Sure, just as you should have worried when Leonard Davis allegedly couldn't pass block in '07.

Just the way you should have panicked when T.O. was torching every corner under the sun last year.

Seriously folks, camp is three sessions old. Put on a panic prophylactic and understand the evaluatve problems every camp presents for fans.

When teams go seven-on-seven, there's always a question, when the offense or defense dominates, whether the lead unit is really good or whether the poorer unit is really bad?  Sometimes, the answer is neither and both.

Lets go back to '05, in Oxnard. Terry Glenn was destroying Terence Newman and Anthony Henry in camp and lots of people were worred that Dallas' corners, coming off a 6-10 year, were going to suck eggs.  It turned out that both corners were really good that year and that the abuse was an early sign that Glenn was going to be a playmaker that season.

Flash forward to last year.  Lots of people, me included, brought a preconception to camp that the corner trio of Newman, Henry and Adam Jones was going to be top notch.  When T.O. abused the corners in camp, the assumption was that he would repeat his monster '07. 

When T.O.'s game jumped onto the side of a milk carton early last October, lots of people began questioning me, as if my gushing camp reports about Owens were lies.  They were not.  He was destroying everybody.  In retrospect, what they showed was that the corner trio was not anywhere near the hype.

Newman injured a groin early and missed most of camp. T.O. got very, very few matchups against him.  Jones was hyper-aggressive but not very disciplined.  Owens beat him, but we came to learn that good veteran receivers would beat Jones too once the real games began.  Henry was in the early stages of losing his top gear. 

All Owens proved last summer was that he could beat mediocre corners.  There are not many of those starting in the NFC East.

News that Williams is opening slowly is likely being framed -- by the nervous types -- against a background set which assumes the Cowboys corners are okay, but Williams should be great, or near-great.  And what if that's wrong?  What if Roy is simply facing a very, very good group of corners?  We're not going to know until Dallas starts facing players in other uniforms.

We're about to begin day three, ladies and gentlemen.  The only news that should make you queasy at this stage involves injures.

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