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Suggestions for Roger...

 Ok, I do love the game of pro football, but there are certain aspects I could do without. Here are some annoying things about the pro game. I would like to ask Roger Goodell to intercede on my behalf and correct these blemishes on an otherwise great past time. Commish, are you listening?

Using the Chains - Come on. Are those chains the most precise unit of measure available? We have the technology to superimpose the first down line on the TV screen and the officials on the field are still ‘moving the chains'. I have trouble getting repeatable accuracy using a tape measure on a piece of wood, you have to assume these chains are rife with inaccuracy. Upgrade Roger, let's go laser.

Sudden Death Overtime - A coin flip should not have that much influence on a games outcome. I want to know which team is the best, not the most fortunate. Play an extra quarter, that way the coin toss is important but each team has a chance to utilize all of its strengths.

Prevent Defense - OK, this one we can't get done just with Roger's help, we need to get all coaches to agree. Every time I see some team go into this formation I hear myself saying, "The only thing you're going to prevent is yourself from winning."  I am willing to bet that if statistics were kept on the prevent defense we would see that it doesn't work.

The Cliches - We need Goodell to put pressure on the networks. He's a downhill runner, Which team wants it more, It's a shame one of these teams has to lose, He made a circus catch, This team is better than its record shows, He has a nonstop motor, He's faster than he looks, and on and on. I'm working on another post just to capture these and others. We've heard them all so many times that I start thinking of alternative meanings. Circus catch - he caught a clown? A trapeze artist?

The Inevitable Midwinter Shirtless Shot - Please have the networks stop encouraging this childish and potentially dangerous behavior. Unless she's hot.

Alright, I could think of a few more but I don't want to sound petty. How about you? Is there anything about the pro game that bugs you?

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