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The VRR: The Dallas Offense Rushes to the Top; Michael Irvin Files Counterclaim

FOX Sports ranks the Cowboys' running back package at number eight in the league. That may sound a bit low to Cowboys fans, but had two-thirds of the trio stayed healthy last year they could have at least broken into the top five. Of course, we may not have found out the full extent of Tashard Choice's talent had Marion Barber and Felix Jones stayed healthy.

Here's what the article said :

Jerry Jones had big dreams last summer after watching his fellow Arkansas alum Felix Jones electrify during training camp and the preseason. But an early-season injury derailed what the owner hoped would be the ultimate backfield combination, pairing the rookie's big-play potential outside with Barber's grinding style inside. The good news from Jones' injury: Dallas found out that Tashard Choice had game, giving the 'Boys a solid No. 3 RB. The bad news: Barber wore down with the grueling punishment he created for himself, meaning Dallas lost their key fourth-quarter advantage of Barber cutting defenses down in the final 15 minutes. If Felix is healthy in '09, this backfield trio could be one of the league's best.

Hat tip to One.Cool.Customer for the FanShot.

Gregg Rosenthal at PFT suggests that the Cowboys' running game may be number one in the league.

Jones has the flexibility to line up wide or go in motion. (There is talk he may start.) Barber is also a versatile receiver and runner. Throw in Tashard Choice, who was excellent in three starts last year, and Dallas arguably has the best backfield in the NFL.

The key word here is "arguably". You never know what's going to happen up in Minnesota or down in the Carolinas. The fact is: the Cowboys are three deep. Three. Only time will tell.

More VRR after jump.

Tim McMahon cites KC Joyner's Scientific Football 2009 to emphasize his point that the offensive line is not dominating the opposition at the point of attack. It's obvious these backs are more talented than what the numbers on the back-half of the slashes dictate.

Marion Barber averaged 5.0 yards per carry when there was no point-of-attack loss, 1.7 when at least one O-linemen got beaten. Felix Jones' splits: 10.8/2.4. Tashard Choice's splits: 7.2/1.2.

PFW points out that the Cowboys aren't just stacked at running back, but tight end as well--two positions that should bode well for offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

Part of an offensive coordinator’s challenge is to get his playmakers on the field and get them all the ball. At least we know the first part of the equation should be doable for Jason Garrett. Although receiving is still being sorted out, the Cowboys' good depth at running back and tight end allows him to put some interesting formations to work.

Roy Williams leads off Albert Breer's list, "Four players expected to rebound in '09" .

With Terrell Owens gone, the newest heir to the Drew Pearson-Michael Irvin throne needs to start playing like he's worthy, which Williams believes he is. "I feel like I can do it all," Williams said. "If I'm coached to do it the right way, I can do it." It's simple: Williams performs, the Cowboys contend. Absent that, the otherwise-loaded Dallas offense could struggle.

Breer asked former Lions coach Mike Martz how Williams will "put in all together" this season. Martz pointed to four reasons why RW will excel: understanding the offense, the quarterback understanding him, the fact that the games will matter in Big D, and the sheer talent the big WR has.

Tony Romo will be inducted into the Hall of Fame--the Eastern Illinois University Hall of Fame, that is.

Romo will be running his annual football camp this week on his old stomping grounds at Burlington High School. What he had to say about the Cowboys' offseason was pretty interesting.

"It’s been very football heavy this offseason," Romo said. "We had a lot of OTA’s (Organized Team Activities) and a lot of minicamps, the most since I’ve been here. The guys have worked their butts off and we’ve tried to put ourselves in position to be successful by doing everything we can this offseason.

"Since I’ve been playing in the NFL, this has been the best offseason to date and that excites you as a quarterback. In that regard, it’s been real enjoyable."

Michael Irvin filed a counterclaim against the group that accused him of stealing "their" idea for 4th and Long. Go get 'em, Playmaker!

Irvin says he had the idea to produce an "American Idol"-type reality show about football try-outs years before he met the plaintiffs. The counterclaim filed by Irvin also contends that Irvin told his attorney about the idea before meeting any of the plaintiffs.

In Irvin’s response, he alleges that a friend of his, Bonnie-Jill Laflin, knew of Irvin’s interest in producing such a show and connected him with one of the defendants Shannon Clark who also had mentioned creating a show with a similar concept.

Irvin says without the friendship with Laflin, the plaintiffs never would have been able to secure a meeting with him. In addition, Irvin said he told Laflin he would meet with the group, but already had the idea for the program and did not make a commitment to them at any time. His filing also states that the meeting wasn't exclusive and that Irvin had meetings with others, including former Cowboys Coach Barry Switzer, about doing a TV show.

Irvin also said he learned the group "had nothing to offer" and the show discussed was not based on proprietary information, but rather on a common business plan that many in the entertainment industry were pursuing after the success of American Idol-type reality shows, according to court documents.

Who is the greatest living Dallas Cowboy? The Star-T debates this question.

Terence Newman and Courtney Brown took in an Australian Football League (AFL) game and were impressed with the talent 'down under'.

Brown and Newman came to Melbourne on the advice of team-mate Mat McBriar, one of several Australians forging NFL careers as punters. But after watching this year's two top teams battle on Sunday, Newman had no doubt that AFL players could succeed in other NFL roles as well. "Some guys could play it on a playing level, not as punters - there are some guys who could play wide receiver, safety or corner back," Newman said.

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