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The VRR: Brandon Jacobs is Not a Fan of Romo; Pundits Love Felix

We can forget about Greg Ellis' comments. Dallas fans now have a new trash-talking topic to boil our blood. The big man with the big mouth from the Big Apple is back. In an interview on 1050 ESPN Radio, Giants running back Brandon Jacobs told Brandon Tierney his true thoughts on Tony Romo.

"I don't think he's that good a passer, to be honest with you," Jacobs said of Romo. "His luck will be gone sooner or later. If you were to keep [him] in the pocket he's not that effective."

He began the Romo-portion of the interview with:

"I'm not a fan of Tony Romo, no," Jacobs added.

That first home game in Cowboys Stadium against the G-Men (9/20/09) can't come any sooner. I know the direction the team has been heading this offseason is getting all blue-collar, but can we please unleash a little Patrick Crayton? If not, I understand.

Solomon Wilcots and Jamie Dukes debate whether Romo can lead the Cowboys to postseason success.


I'm not sure if Romo is committed to mastering the QB position. I want to. But that's not a question I'm sure of. I think a certain amount of who and what Romo is isn't about how much harder he's going to work. He kind of plays like his idol, Brett Favre -- from the seat of his pants. He doesn't always have a plan and just thinks it's going to work out right. You get the feeling he's just going to go out and give it his best. He doesn't have any other plan than that. He's one of those types of players, but that's why you just love him and root for him.


The off-the-field stuff to me is irrelevant. You know what? He shows up every day and he knows the offense and he knows what he's doing. I can tangibly see that Romo understands the entire offense. If it was a situation where he didn't look like he knows what he's doing, it would be a different story.

With Felix Jones' speed and complementary skills to Marion Barber's bust-you-in-the-chops running style, "El Gato's" media attention is continuing to heat up. The majority of the attention praises the second-year running back with high expectations while the only negatives focus on durability stemming from last season's hamstring and toe injuries.

Now, nobody is expecting Jones to start over Barber, but the pundits all seem to believe in the rumors that the Cowboys will sandwich some combination of Jones and Tashard Choice between Barber's starting the game and closing it out. Of course, they also point to Jason Garrett's responsibility of getting Jones on the field enough to make an explosive difference in games - whether it be running plays, catching passes out of the backfield, or motioning him out wide. The fact that Jones is also an excellent kickoff returner should give him even more opportunities to make big plays, especially with Miles Austin expected to contribute more at wide receiver.

Felix tops's Top 10 Prospects list for the Cowboys.

After scoring a touchdown on his first NFL carry and showing his elusiveness in the first six games of the 2008 season, Jones, the No. 1 prospect in the Cowboys organization, slightly tore his left hamstring and was ultimately placed on IR a month later. During his rookie campaign, Jones displayed the game breaking ability the Cowboys envisioned when they selected him, and in six games, he had 30 carries for 266 yards and three touchdowns. But durability may be a concern moving forward, especially if they have him returning kicks. Jones is a special multi-dimensional threat, and he has the size to withstand the punishment he will face each week, but as a running back and a return specialist he’s a target, and the opposition is in attack mode at all times. With Marion Barber being the lead back, it allows Jones to be a situational playmaker; similar to the way he was used at Arkansas when McFadden was the lead runner. If Jones can get stronger and stay healthy, the sky is the limit to what he can do with the ball in his hands.

Matt Mosely names Jones his breakout player of the year in the NFC East.

The Cowboys are toying around with the idea of starting Jones and letting Barber return to the closing role that he filled when Julius Jones was still on the roster. The thought is that Jones and Tashard Choice could hurt defenses with their speed and quickness, allowing Barber to come in and punish defenders with his battering style.

Jones is an instinctive back who could easily reach 800 yards rushing with somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 to 15 carries a game. And I also think he can help make up for the loss of Terrell Owens by contributing to the passing game.

Jason La Canfora shared his expectations for Jones on NFLTA's "Tuesdays Around the League".

Offensive tackle Robert Brewster is adjusting to the NFL, not only with the help of offensive line coach Hudson Houck, but also from DeMarcus Ware.

Brewster loves the knowledge Houck has imparted on him. "I think he's going to make me a hell of a player," Brewster said. "I love the way he teaches the game. He'll stay after meetings or come in on weekends to go over film with me."

On the field, Brewster has been surrounded by several Pro Bowl players, including outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware. The NFL's sack leader (20) last year has been helpful in teaching Brewster ways to improve himself.

"As a kid you sit at home and watch him on Sundays, and finally he's right in front of your face and you go against him -- you can't ask for anything better," Brewster said. "You see things they do on TV and it doesn't look real, but in real life you see why they're the best players in the league. He's really taught me a lot as far as showing me some techniques and what to use against him."

I thought this part of the article was pretty funny.

"In college, when you would hang out with friends, it would be at an apartment," Brewster said. "Now you go to million-dollar houses and hang out with the fellas."

Roger Staubach came in at number four on NFLN's Top Ten Clutch Quarterbacks of all-time.

Let It Be, Let It Be...Paul McCartney is set for a concert at Cowboys Stadium on August 19. Whisper some words of wisdom for our team, Mr. McCartney.

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