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Cowboys @ Raiders: Gameday Open Thread 8/13/09 (Preseason)

Open Thread

Dallas Cowboys @ Oakland Raiders (Preseason)
Thursday, Aug. 13th, 2009
10:00 PM EST, TV: Local CBS 11 - Replay: NFLN
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland , CA

Weather Forecast
Fair Skies
Temp: 66 degrees
Wind: 13 MPH

This is an open thread for game chat.

Open Thread Cliff Notes

Here are some basic items about open threads on BTB.

Every game that the Cowboys have this year, BTB will be running open threads.

Because of the growth of the blog and the nature of gameday open threads, there are a lot of comments, so this year I’ll let them run up to 700-800 comments or so before starting a new one. Since it’s a preseason game, we might not be as busy, so I could cut them shorter than that. Why do I put up a new thread after 800 comments? In the past, some people with slower connections and/or computers complained that the threads bogged down for them after too many comments. It never happens for me or the majority of people, but after so many comments it’s good to start a fresh thread anyway.

The easiest way to use open threads on the SB Nation platform: Open up the thread and leave it open in your browser. Whenever you want to read the newest comments, just hit the ‘z’ key and it will scroll you through. There’s no need to refresh, comments are added automatically without the need for a new page. So just open the thread, comment and read using the ‘z’ key.

The same basic rules apply to open threads. Don’t start dropping f-bombs and s-bombs and the like just because things go wrong. Sure, get mad or whatever, but just don’t litter the blog with profanity. Also, personal attacks are still not the thing to do. I know it’s fast pace in the open threads and emotions heat up as the game does, just keep it cool though, we don’t want the open threads to deteriorate into trash heaps.

Otherwise, let’s do it! Yes, a game. We get to watch the Cowboys again – FINALLY!

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