Bobby Carpenter Play by Play

play by play for Bobby

run play Bobby is driven out of play by guard

pass play to opposite side of field Bobby hustles across field and makes play. Very quick!

Bobby takes bad angle on run up middle makes an arm tackle. 

Bobby covers tight end into flat, covers him very well. Pass goes elsewhere

Bobby Covers running back out of backfield, covers him really well, pass goes elsewhere

Bobby covers tight end in flat, pass goes elsewhere. Bobby has very good coverage on tight end.

Bobby gets very physical and fills and makes tackle in hole. 

Bobby blitzes, has  collision with Running back, causes errant pass with pressure.

Bobby covers tight end into flat, very good coverage.

Bobby drops back 10 yards to have ball go over his finger tips on deep middle pass.(Zone coverage?)

Bobby gets blocked by guard, looks like he got stuck to him, Bobby gets pushed around pretty bad.

Bobby blitzes, causes errant pass due to pressure.

Bobby gets doubled somehow, he gets blown out of the play. 

Bobby plays deep with just six seconds left, gets blocked by guard cant get off,

Carpenter stats playing with 3rd team D

Carpenter fights off guard and makes tackle after four yard gain.

Carpenter blitz, gets to QB and forces early pass.

Carpenter lines up at ROLB, rushes with swim move. Gets pressure just a little late.

Carpenter blitzes and gets pancaked, I think its the running back who got him but its hard to tell.

Carpenter blitzes, crossing blitx with other middle linebacker.

Carpenter gets blocked by guard, gets off, then fullback gets off then gets his clock cleaned by a wide receiver.

Carpenter covers tight end in flat, very good coverage.

Carpenter gets bocked by guard and driven backwards, then getws hit by second guard and driven even deeper into endzone on goalline.

Carpenter gets driven out of play by guard.

Carpenter bites on play action but shows good speed and recovers to cover tight end.

Tackle gets to Carpenter and drives him 10 yards down field.

Delayed blitz and gets to QB right after the ball is thrown.

Bobby has good coverage on running back into flat.

Bobby shakes guard on goaline and makes tackle at goalline, Very good play for Bobby.

Noone blocks Bobby on running play away from Bobby. He had no chance to make play.

Bobby gets creamed by fullback on running play up middle, Hes knocked out of play.

It first appeared Bobby was running from the guard but replay showed a guard with an arm around his waist and a tackle pushing him. Wierd play but it was holding not called.

Great coverage on tight end down seam.

Carpenter blitz hits QB as he releases ball.

Sweep play Bobby makes physical tackle, good play for Bobby.

Bobby Covers tight end in flat, good coverage.

Bobby covers tight end down flat, he almost intercepts pass, good play for bobby.

Bobby has good coverage in flat.

     I have mixed feelings about Bobby's game. He was really good in coverage but not so good against the run. He made some good plays against the run but as the play by play above showed he was driven often  out of the play. He showed an ability to blitz too. For a linebacker he is fast and the coaches have to like that but he is less physical than what I like. 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.