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Dallas Cowboys Leaders Make an Early Appearance

You want leadership? I'm hearing some bits and pieces from the local media that veteran players are stepping up.

After the Oakland game was over, Steve Dennis later reported on Babe Laufenberg's show that Keith Brooking, DeMarcus Ware and Patrick Crayton challenged everyone to step up their effort and improve their play when the team was in the locker room. They challenged rookies to study harder and learn quicker. They challenged experienced backups to tighten up their game and compete for a starting role.

Folks, this is leadership. Leadership is not screaming and yelling on the field in public, it's players exhorting their mates to do better in a closed locker room, man to man. You can't be interrupted by going onto the field, you can't walk away down the sideline because you don't like what is being said - you're all right there together.

This is face to face, in front of the whole team - family style.

Here's the best part - this meeting is taking place right after the first preseason game. That tells me that internal expectations are much higher this year.

These vets are saying to the rookies, "You're here because you are a football player, now play, no excuses."

They are saying to the back ups, "You play like you practice. Act like each snap is your last."


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