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Cowboys vs. Titans: 5 Questions with Music City Miracles

In preparation for the Cowboys and Titans preseason game on Friday, BTB talked to SB Nation's Tennessee Titans blog, Music City Miracles. We posed 5 questions and got 5 answers.

Blogging The Boys: Give us the synopsis of what is new for the Titans this year in comparison to last year.

Music City Miracles: Albert Haynesworth is gone. That obviously leaves a hole, but the Titans feel they have the rotation to replace him. Other than that, the defense will look very similar even though it is headed by Chuck Cecil this season instead of Jim Schwartz. 

The biggest changes have happened on offense. They added receiver Nate Washington who gives them the deep threat they have needed for a long time. They also drafted receiver Kenny Britt in the first round and tight end Jared Cook in the third round of this year's draft.  Both players have been impressive so far and should help lead a more vertical attack in 2009.

BTB: What's been your take on the Titans' preseason performance so far?

MCM: The first team defense has been very impressive.  So far they seem to be doing just fine without Albert in the middle. The first team offense has not been quite as impressive. The running game struggled in both games. The passing game looked great in the HOF game but bad against the Bucs. The best thing so far has been the contributions of the rookies such as Britt, Cook, and running back Javon Ringer.

BTB: What are some of the objectives they hope to accomplish in Friday's game?

MCM: The biggest objective has to be getting the rushing game on track.  That is the Titans bread and butter, and as I mentioned above, it has been less than impressive so far this preseason. This will be the most potent offense they have faced so far.  I think they are anxious to see how the Haynesworth-less defensive line looks against the Cowboys' #1 squad. The other thing is to see guys like Britt, Cook and Ringer continue to improve in performance and understanding of the offense.

Out of curiosity, what do you think is eventually going to happen with Vince Young?

MCM: I will temporarily lift my ban on commenting about VY's future to answer this question.  I believe he will play this season as the back-up, be cut in the offseason, and sign with another team only to go through the same cycle with another team.  Vince has some skills that could make him a playmaking QB in this league, but until he gets his head on straight he will not be that.

BTB: In 2007, the Cowboys went 13-3 but lost the first playoff game at home. We were brimming with confidence that 2008 was going to be our year (but we fell far short). In 2008 the Titans went 13-3 but lost the first playoff game at home. Are you guys experiencing that same sensation that your team is as good as anybody's in the league and think this could be your year?

MCM: Yes, I believe we are.  The biggest worry with this team is the lack of depth, and I think that most Titans' fans understand that any team in the NFL is a couple of key injuries away from a season going down the toilet, but we believe that this team can go all the way if they stay reasonably healthy. 

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