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Marc Colombo and his Quest to Maul Defenders

Marc Colombo is a brawler at right tackle for the Cowboys. We've seen him mix it up whenever defenders get too aggressive after the whistle. We've seen him get into it with guys in training camp; and, we saw him for a full half against the Titans, always looking for someone to block

Colombo's consistent, aggressive play is just what the Cowboys need going into 2009. Since grabbing the starting right tackle position in 2006, Colombo has yet to miss a game. Fortunately, the Cowboys re-signed him before he hit the open market this offseason to a contract that extends into 2012.

Playing next to his Free Reign and Smashburger partner, Leonard "Bigg" Davis, provides an imposing wall on the right side of the offense, which can be dominating to a defensive line. Such a physical presence is necessary if the offense plans on controlling the ball more this season.

With the three-deep talent at running back, offensive coordinator Jason Garrett will be tempted to use the power running game to sustain long drives that wear out defenses early, such as the one that ate up much of the first quarter on Friday night. Having a great drive blocker in Colombo gives Garrett this capability. Also, the emphasis on the two-tight end formation creates more opportunities for Colombo to have help from Jason Witten or Martellus Bennett on the outside, which could free him up to block down on the interior linemen or go after those strongside or middle linebackers. Whoever his assignment is, Colombo is sure to make contact.

Make the jump for Colombo's snap-by-snap against the Titans.

First Quarter

First Drive

1st and 10: Drove SLB nearly out of play on a Barber run off RT.

2nd and 10: From shotgun, one-on-one vs. Jevon Kearse. Kearse may have had a hit on the QB had Romo not been so quick to get the pass off.

3rd and 4: Shotgun, he pushed the DE into Barber creating an effective double-team block.

Second Drive:

1st and 10: On a run left, he stood the DE up and bent him back.

2nd and 2: Blocked down on DT to create hole for Barber to pick up first down.

1st and 10: Blocked down on DT, then peeled off to knock SS out of play.

2nd and 7: Blcoked down on DT and kept pushing him back at least four yards off the line of scrimmage.

1st and 10: Pass protected on play-action. Gave up some ground to the DE's speed around the corner, but Romo got the ball off to Crosslin.

2nd and 6: DE got past him in pass protection, but Romo got the pass off to Barber.

1st and 10: Shotgun, DE barely gained an inch on him in this pass play.

1st and 15: Pass protection from the I-formation, Kearse got a good initial burst, but Colombo used his momentum to push him past the pocket.

2nd and 1: 3WR, double-teamed DT with Bigg on WR screen. Caused DT's knees to buckle.

1st and 10: 2TE I-form, pushed Kearse up and away from pocket on pass play.

2nd and 2: Good pop on DE in pass protection after it looked like Crosslin missed his chip.

3rd and 2: Shotgun 3WR, doubled with Bigg on DE in pass protection, then was ready to peel off to take on CB blitz.

1st and 10: Shot from line to throw low block on SLB on end around.

2nd and 4: Doubled on DE with Bennett. DE kept out of play.

3rd and 8: Shotgun 3WR, pushed DE (who rushed inside) back and away from pocket.

1st and Goal: Annihilated his guy at the point of attack to open up hole for Barber's easy touchdown.

Extra Point: Played LT.

Third Drive

1st and 10: Kearse nearly pushed him back into Romo on passing play.

Second Quarter

2nd and 5: On running play, blocked down on DT, turned him around and nearly pushed him to the ground.

3rd and 3: Shotgun 3WR, doubled with Bigg on DE, then switched to block DT who stunted around.

1st and 10: Blocked out on DE on WR screen.

2nd and 4: Held up well in one-on-one against DE, but Romo dropped back too far allowing DE to get close.

2nd and 14: Doubled with Bennett on DE, who went nowhere.

3rd and 1: Pancaked SLB on FB run up middle.

1st and 10: Did not get good contact on DE, who got around him and close to Romo.

2nd and 10: Doubled down on DT with Bigg on running play.

3rd and 10: Pushed DE around Romo and out of pocket.

4th and Inches: Blocked down on DT on toss left.

1st and 10: Doubled DE with Bigg, then peeled off just a second too late to whiff on the MLB.

2nd and 11: Shotgun, blocked DE out of way on run right.

3rd and 6: Shotgun, on a run left, clubbed DE with his left hand to keep him out of play.

Field Goal: LT

Fourth Drive

1st and 10: Pulled on toss right, dove and knocked MLB to ground.

1st and 10: Came off line to block down on WLB on a run left.

2nd and 7: Blocked down on DT on QB roll out right.

3rd and 7: Got hands on DE, passed him off to Bigg to take on stunting DT. Provided a good pocket from their side.

Fifth Drive

1st and 10: Shotgun 3WR, pushed DE around the pocket.

1st and 10: Shotgun, pushed DE around the pocket.

1st and 10: Stood DE up.

1st and Goal: Shotgun, kept block on DE then threw him inside.

2nd and Goal: Flipped blitzing slot CB over his back.

3rd and Goal: Pushed DE out and got in a second hit before pass.

1st and Goal: Blocked down on DE good enough to allow Felix to run in for touchdown.

Extra Point: LT

This was the type of game we have come to expect from Colombo. While he may give up ground to speed rushers around the edge, he rarely misses an assignment and remains a mauler throughout the entire game. Colombo never takes a play off, he plays like he has something to prove on every block. He is a finisher who looks to make contact.

Colombo's mentality is pretty much what a team wants at right tackle. Imagine being a defensive end and going up against Colombo flanked by Bigg and Witten/Bennett. Now, imagine trying to tackle Barber after being hit by those guys.

Are you sweating yet?

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