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Cowboys Midweek Storylines

Let's catch up on some issues surrounding the Dallas Cowboys as they head into this week's preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers. San Fran, by they way, are represented on SB Nation by an outstanding blog, Niners Nation.

We'll cut to the chase about the Videodrome controversy. Jerry still says it should be fine even if a few punts hit the board throughout the season. The NFL isn't so sure and the competition committee has forwarded recommendations to Roger Goodell.

A league spokesman confirmed that the committee forwarded its recommendations to NFL staff on how to address the issue. Those recommendations have been passed along to Roger Goodell. The commissioner has the power to rule on the matter since the season is under way, and he does not have to run his resolution by the league's Board of Governors.

We supposedly will hear something from the NFL this week. Meanwhile, 49ers punter Andy Lee claims he won't try to hit the video board. But the Niners placekicker says: "Don't lie. You want to break it," kicker Joe Nedney yelled, eavesdropping on Lee's testimony.

More stuff below...

Next up, Tony Romo, who for some reason decided to talk about everything to the press this week. You can read about it here, or view the interview here. Sure he talks about his maturation as a QB, how he's not content and wants to get better - all that good stuff we want to hear.

None of that was the important thing. Nope, the following quote is the money quote and it came out of Romo's own mouth.

"Until we do something that people want to be really proud of, they are going to say [I'm underperforming]," Romo said. "They deserve that right. That is part of being a fan.

"I'm that way when I watch other sports. 'Oh what is he doing? Why did he do that? Why did he make that decision?' I'm not naive to that. I understand. It's not going to stop me from working and trying to get better the next time."

Holy crap! Romo just gave us all permission here at BTB to be critical of him. So, if you've ever been labeled a "hater" or the like in the comments because you criticized something about Romo - don't sweat it! Old #9 himself says you have permission to blast away. (This thread should be interesting!)

This article over at came out on Monday and does a good job of covering a situation that has me a little worried. Backup depth at OLB. It's not like we had a lot going into camp once we dumped perennial whiner Greg Ellis, but now with Brandon Williams out, we're having to do some shuffling. I wrote a few days ago that I didn't think they would use Carpenter out there, and Wade confirms they won't.

Carpenter has played outside 'backer off and on during his Cowboys career, but Phillips said Monday he wouldn't move him back to the edge now that he seems to be making real strides inside and on sub-packages.

The guy I kind of forgot about as a swingman between ILB and OLB was Matt Stewart. The Cowboys might use him in that capacity. Also, with Williams out they've had to move Victor Butler over to the strong-side with Steve Octavien filling in on the weak-side. That's putting a lot on the rookie.

Moving Butler to the strong side forces him to learn a new position, taking on more responsibility in both the running game and pass coverage, whereas previously he would have been focused on rushing the passer, his specialty coming out of Oregon State.

A couple of minor injuries kept two guys out of practice on Tuesday.

Defensive end Marcus Spears and receiver Sam Hurd were held out of Tuesday’s practice for precautionary measures. Spears has a bruised knee and likely will practice today, coach Wade Phillips said. Hurd felt general soreness.

On a serious note, Rich Behm and Joe DeCamillis have sued the maker of the Cowboys practice facility that collapsed.

The Canadian company responsible for building the Dallas Cowboys practice facility conspired with a Las Vegas consulting firm to cover up the giant tentlike structure's design flaws, two team employees alleged in lawsuits Tuesday. Rich Behm, a scouting aide, and Joe DeCamillis, the special teams coach, were the two most seriously injured when the 6-year-old facility collapsed May 2 and are the first to sue.

And for some unknown reason, Roy Williams continues to battle it out with the press. Give it up RW, it never works out, they never listen.

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