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Dallas Cowboys 2009 Training Camp: Practice #8

The Cowboys were in full pads this morning. The injury list is the same; Isaiah Stanback, Alonzo Coleman, Tim Anderson, Stephen Hodge and Michael Hawkins. Dallas made a change in personnel by releasing Michael Turkovich and adding Andre Douglas at tackle.

They started with special teams drills and then rolled into kickoffs. Felix Jones and Willie Reid were the return men again. David Buehler's kicks went to the goal line, the 5-yard line and the goal line while Nick Folk hit the 14-yard line, the 8 and then the 4 yard line.

They followed with warm-up drills, stretching and then a short session of drills by position.

They immediately went to 11-on-11. Romo started with a pass that was intended for MB3 but was deflected by Spencer, but the play was really dead because Ratliff blew past Gurode for a sack. They tried a pitch to Felix but Igor forced the play wide and eventually to the sideline. Carpenter had good coverage on Witten on the next play forcing Romo to throw it too high. Carpenter then stuffed a run by MB3 before Romo got some good yards on a designed QB draw. Kitna tried a pass but Derreck Robinson had pushed Holland back and deflected the pass in the backfield. Kitna threw a pass to high for Bennett because Hamlin2 had tight coverage. Jason Williams knifed through on a draw to stop Choice, and then Kitna hit Crayton for around 10 yards. They tried a FB run to Crosslin but Ware led a gang of defenders to the tackle for no gain, on the next play Keon Lattimore gained around 8 yards on a draw. McGee found Kevin Ogletree wide open in a big hole in the middle of the zone coverage, then Lattimore tried a run but Travis Bright got pushed back off the line and fell down creating too much traffic to get any yards. Willie Reid then caught a pass in front of Mike Mickens.

They moved on to 11-on-11 but starting in the redzone. Romo got a bad shotgun snap so he scooped it up and ran with it, on the next play he threw a precision pass to Bennett for a TD even though Bradie was draped all over Bennett in coverage. Romo was going to pass again but the coverage was too good so he basically threw it away. MB3 tried a run but Spencer stuffed it followed by Witten catching a short one in front of Watkins. Romo then made a huge mistake by throwing an INT right to Alan Ball in the endzone. Felix closed out Romo's session with a run for about 3 yards and a TD.

Kitna found a wide open Bennett on the sidelines at the 1-yd line, Felix ran a short one, then Kitna threw a swing pass to Choice but DeAngelo Williams and Mike Mickens were there for the stop. Phillips caught a low pass for a TD followed by a pass to Austin in the endzone but Scandrick had tight coverage and it was incomplete. Hurd then got wide open over the middle for a TD. Rudy Carpenter threw a TD to Ogletree who ran a nice route and made a great catch with Jenkins in coverage. Carpenter then threw one out of the back of the endzone followed by a QB draw for a TD but he paid the price as Watkins (I think it was Watkins) popped him hard at the goal line.

They backed up for another 11-on-11 session from the 40-yard line. Romo tried to hit MB3 but Brookings had great coverage. Romo forced one into double-coverage to Witten in the endzone but it was incomplete with Bradie and Sensabaugh having tight coverage. Romo looked like he completed one to Bennett on the next play but Brooking was able to strip it out of his hands for the incompletion. Then came the best play of the day; Roy ran a slant at the endzone and right as the ball arrived Scandrick laid a vicious lick on Roy knocking his helmet off, the ball popped up in the air and Ball managed to pick it off. After a false start by Bigg, Hamlin2 came untouched on a blitz for the sack.

Kitna gave it to Felix for a medium gain, Phillips caught a short pass over the middle, and then the defense blitzed heavily but Choice was able to break a run to the outside following a block by Phillips. Choice tried a sweep but Bradie had excellent pursuit and ran him out-of-bounds. Choice got another run and made a nice cut to the outside for good yards, but on the next play Choice ran again with Ware busting through to stuff it.

They ran another round of 11-on-11 but I had to leave practice early. This is my last practice report and I have to check out of the hotel to fly home. It's been fun watching the Cowboys and reporting it all back to you guys. Also, I want to say thanks to everybody who contributed to the training camp fundraiser, the half of the money I took paid for my flight and hotel, leaving me to pick up only my meals, drinks, etc. You guys are the best for contributing.

BTB's coverage of training camp doesn't end though with my departure, Raf will be in town on Tuesday or Wednesday and you know he'll kick butt on his reports. Expect to see a lot more about scheme, formations and strategy with the ever insightful Raf posting.

Thanks for reading BTB, the season is only just getting started and we have a long way to go. I hope you'll be reading and commenting everyday.

See ya on the flip side.

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