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Garrett Biding His Time Before He Unleashes The Cat

I see it in every offensive set, in every offensive practice. 

If you could see it, you would anticipate the season a bit more strongly. 

Jason Garrett is fully aware of Felix Jones' skills.  His catching ability.  His explosiveness.  His pleasing ability to take an ordinary play with a juke and a burst of acceleration, turn it into an extraordinary one. 

Garrett has obviously been at his drawing board this offseason.  He's been scheming for to get Felix the ball, where he can do the most with it and defenses can do the least to stop him. 

There's a part of every set, of every offensive package I've seen that's unique to Felix.  But that doesn't mean Garrett has gone all kerflooey on us.  He hasn't drawn up 30 gadget plays.  Hardly.  There are some exotic plays in his book, but most of the "Felix list" are simple tweaks to standard plays.  A slight shift.  A slight change of direction.  A slight variation from the ordinary, but with a clear purpose in mind.

Felix Jones is going to get the ball more.  He's going to catch it more and he's going to run it more.  That's clear from the workouts.  It's clear that the OC knew Felix yardage splits long before the rest of us did.  He knew what he lost when Jones went down in Arizona last year.  That he won't use Jones for 60 minutes again as a decoy, as he did against Washington last year. 

In May, I predicted 14-16 touches from scrimmage a game  for the crafty cat from Arkansas this year.  After three practices, I'm ready to double down on that prediction.

The touches are coming.  You'll just have to wait to see how and when, just like all the defenses on the schedule.

Single practice today at 2:15 pm CT.  It will end around 4:30.  The report should go up around 5:45 to 6:00 pm Central.

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