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Mike Jenkins Injured at Practice

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[UPDATE]: Timmy Mac says they are speculating that it's a high ankle sprain when his foot was stepped on during drills. Here's the latest:

The Cowboys are awaiting MRI results, but owner/general manager Jerry Jones said Jenkins could have a high ankle sprain. That injury typically sidelines a player for three to six weeks.

"I'm hoping for the best," Jones said, "but we're worried about it."

Raf just called to tell me that at the end of practice CB Mike Jenkins injured some part of his lower leg. He couldn't tell exactly whether it was a knee or an ankle. Jenkins left practice on a cart and couldn't put any weight on the leg. Raf didn't see the actual injury happen so he really can't speculate on it.

We'll keep tracking the story. The only other mention I've seen so far is this report from which says basically the same thing Raf told me.