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Because It's Slow This Morning...

Sitting in the stands yesterday, I happened to see a gentlemen walking slowly up the steps near mid-field, where the traffic is heaviest.  He was wearing a brand, spanking-new Buffalo BIlls throwback jersey, number 81 with "Owens" on the back.

I'm guessing he was trying to be provocative.  If so, he failed, in expensive fashion.  Few others noticed.  I didn't see the booing, yelling and general winding up of fans a Giants fan accomplished earlier in the week. 

I take it as a good sign.

And doesn't that Bob Hayes bust look good?  At last.

Memo to Jerry

Here's a free idea, Mr. Jones, complements of BTB.  A lot of Cowboys fans love Rowdy, a lot.  I don't understand the appeal of cabbage-patch mascots, but hey, that's me.  The last few days, I've seen grownups stand up and race the rails to beg Rowdy to throw a free t-shirt their way.  I've overhead kids, lots of them, beg their parents to let them get the Rowdy one's autograph. 

So I'm thinking:  You've got a cartoon-like mascot with appeal.  There's a huge market for that type of thing in the musical world, especially for kids.  (A few years ago, I considered taking my sons to see The Wiggles when they hit San Antonio, until I saw the tickets were as expensive as a good rock concert.  You may laugh, but those four color coordinated Aussies are the second highest grossing pop act in that country's history.)

So I'm thinking some more:  why don't you put somebody inside that suit who can sing?  Get some starving country or pop star to give Rowdy a voice.  If people act this crazy when all he's going is pointing, shooting freebies in the air and riding a four wheeler, how much crazier will they behave when he puts some music in his act?  Think of the new revenue streams!  The CD sales!  The TV appearances!  The song and dances with the cheerleaders!  When this goes international, you're the manager -- you're Colonel Jerry Jones!

It's not like you don't have a spiffy new stadium to host his concerts. 

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