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Please Welcome Mike Fisher to Blogging The Boys!

All the way back in the spring months of this year, Raf and I were discussing what we could do to make Blogging The Boys even better. This was about the same time we were working on creating the Cowboys Annual for MSP (still on sale here, by the way) and one thing we wished we had was someone with sources inside the Cowboys organization and had a relationship with the brass at Valley Ranch. That way, we could get even better information to write about and maybe score some interviews, etc. The problem was, we wanted someone like that but we also wanted someone who wrote like a blogger, that wasn't just a beat writer clone.

As we were thinking about authors for the magazine, we both agreed that former Cowboys beat writer Mike Fisher would be a good fit for the Cowboys Annual. So we asked him to write a few articles for that. Then, as Mike and I were talking on the phone about the magazine, he expressed his admiration for BTB and how it would be great if we could work together on a more permanent basis. The light bulb went off, Raf and I discussed the idea, both agreeing that he would make for a good fit on BTB.

Cutting to the chase, after months of discussion and overcoming various obstacles that prevented us from bringing Mike on board, we are happy to announce that BTB and Mike Fisher have agreed to work together in the 2009 season.

For those unfamiliar with Mike, here are some details. He's covered the NFL for 28 years, and since 1990 he's served in a variety of Cowboys-coverage roles: as a newspaper beat writer and columnist, as a radio talk-show host (presently at 103.3 ESPN), as the author of two best-selling books about the Cowboys, and now ... as a contributor at Blogging The Boys.

From that, you can tell he has a lot of experience, but he also has a style of writing that should fit perfectly here.

So, Raf and I would like to welcome "Fish" to the blog and we're sure he'll be providing some great content for the season. In fact, his first article coming up very shortly is a quick one-on-one with DeMarcus Ware. How's that for a kickoff article?

Welcome to the blog, Mike!

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