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Dallas By the Numbers -- Offense

Week One Stats for the Offense

QB Net Att. Net Yards YPA   Scs. % TDs Exp. Pass.* Bad Dec. %
Tony Romo    27     344  12.7   59.3   3         7       3.7

(*Explosive plays are runs of over 12 yards and passes of over 16 yards.)

Not a bad opening line, but first week stats are always misleading. Let's wait until October before we begin to draw any conclusions.

Wide Receivers

Player Net Att. Net Yds.   YPA 
 Scs. %  Exp. Plays.
 Roy Williams     7     86   12.3    42.9.       1
 Jason Witten     7     71   10.1   71.4       3
 Patrick Crayton     6   136   22.7   66.7       2
 Miles Austin     2      42   21.0   50.0       1
 Martellus Bennett     2      13     6.5   50.0       -
 Tashard Choice     2        5     2.5   50.0       -
 Marion Barber     -       -      -     -       -
 Deon Anderson     1       0     0     0.0       -


Again, it's too early to take too much from YPAs, but let's examine the passing blend.  Note how the distribution for the top two receivers and Patrick Crayton are nearly identical.  This is the most balanced blend since Witten, T.O. and Terry Glenn were dividing up the bigger slices of the passing pie in '06. 

Note also that for all the speculation of throwing more to the backs, Jason Garrett and Tony Romo threw only twice to the backs and only two were designed throws.  Garrett likes to call shots down the field and Romo is a downfield passer.  That won't likely change.

Running Backs

   Player    Att.   Rush Yds.    YPA     Exp. Plays
  Marion Barber    14         79    5.6        1
  Felix Jones     6        23    3.8        1
  Tashard Choice      2        10    5.0        -


  • Runs left:  8 att., 36 yds.,4.5 YPA
  • Runs middle: 9 att., 57 yds., 6.3 YPA
  • Runs right: 6 att., 22 yds., 3.7 YPA

The preliminary pattern appeared to be alternating series by Barber and Jones, with Choice taking third down duties.  Then, Jones appeared to injure his leg when he was flipped on a kickoff return early in the 2nd quarter and the carries went almost all to Barber at that point. 

Let's hope Felix' bruise isn't a serious one.  He had a 19 yard dash in his first two carries and appears to be the explosive play machine who teased us last year.

Of note was the run mix:  one third of the Cowboys runs were counters and Dallas again ran draws very effectively.  The Cowboys called only one wide run, probably because Jones was hurt early.

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