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From the Inbox: Cowboys vs. Giants Edition

Every week, I get all kinds of email to the blog inbox that is related to the NFL or to the Cowboys in some way. I get press releases, link requests, news announcements, all kinds of stuff. So this season, I'll package some of it up each week for your reading pleasure.

For example, sends me a few things each week, like this:

On NFL Kickoff rosters, there were 296 players weighing 200 pounds or less, 311 players under six feet tall, and 370 players weighing at least 300 pounds. Philadelphia has 14 players weighing 200 pounds or less, the league's highest total in that category.  Atlanta and Pittsburgh tied for the most players under six-feet tall with 15. 

So what did I find out from the rest of this news nugget? The Dallas Cowboys are basically the biggest team in the NFL.

Dallas has 16 players weighing 300 pounds or more, the most in the league. Also, Dallas has the fewest players weighing less than 200 pounds with five, and only loses out to Oakland (4) for fewest players under 6-feet tall with five. We are a big football team. Our roster on average weighs 252.5 pounds per man. A full pound more than the next heaviest team in the NFL. And guess who that next heaviest team is? The Dolphins! Anybody smell a pattern here. It vaguely smells like Tuna.

More notes about the Cowboys/Giants below...

Our last game against the Giants (12/14/08) was a win at home. As it turned out, it was our last win of the season in that 1-3 collapse down the stretch. We won 20-8, Tony Romo threw for 244 yards (2 TDs). The defense registered eight sacks, including three by DeMarcus Ware. We also had 2 INTs. Obviously, the defense came up huge in that game.

Romo has had some nice games against the Giants recently. He's won four in a row versus the the regular season. He's 0-1 in the post-season.  In those regular season games he's had an 109.6 passer rating including two games with four TDs. Dallas has lost two games recently to the Giants besides the post-season game - Drew Bledsoe started his final game against the Giants, the Monday-nighter that saw the torched passed to the Romo era, and the Brooks Bollinger-led team from last year.

The Cowboys lead the overall series 55-36-2.

Tom Coughlin is 7-7 lifetime against the Cowboys, and Wade Phillips is 3-3 against the Giants.

The Cowboys are 34-14-1 (.708) in home openers, best mark in NFL.

The Today Show on NBC will be broacsating from Cowboys Stadium on Friday morning.

Here's their pitch:

Matt Lauer and Al Roker will be broadcasting live from the new Cowboys Stadium on this Friday's TODAY. Emmitt Smith will give the two an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the $1.12 billion stadium, Lauer will talk to Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones, and Roker will get to know the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

You can see the promo video here. Smart choice in the editing room, Emmitt doesn't speak until 31 seconds into the 42 second promo. Emmitt, I still luv ya, but the less I hear from you lately the better.

And now for the big closer, the only stat you need to know to assure a Cowboys victory:

Dallas has won seven in row when Terence Newman has an INT.

It's all on Newman!

I forgot to promote this last week, but our friends over at Inside the Huddlee started up their shows again with the new season, Tashard Choice and Jay Ratliff are taking turns hosting this year. It happens every Monday night. There's also a Marty B. Show that happens every Tuesday night.

I'll be on ESPN Radio in San Antonio tomorrow at 3 PM EST. (Actually, I'm on every Friday at that time).

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