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NCAA Football Open Thread

Figured I'd put up an open thread for the late college games, especially since Texas and Texas Tech are playing tonight. I'm sure we got quite a lot of Texas and TT fans on the blog. Oh yeah, lest I forget, TCU is also playing now.

Some incredible finishes this afternoon. In a Cowboys-related note, Nick Folk's little brother kicked the game-winning FG for Washington that beat USC 16-13. The VT/Nebraska game went down to the wire, as did ND and Mich State.

Florida St./BYU, Georgia/Arkansas, OK St./Rice are some of the games on tonight along with Texas/Texas Tech.

This is an open thread.

P.S. No surprise, but Emmitt Smith was included on the preliminary list of candidates for the Hall of Fame. Along with Jerry Rice and about 130 other guys.

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