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Halftime Snapshot, Cowboys vs. Giants

Some quick hits from the first half:

New York 20, Dallas 17

  • Dallas is doing all the scoring this half.  It has two long touchdown drives and its three turnovers have handed New York seventeen of its twenty points.
  •  Big game by Anthony Spencer so far.  He almost made a pick and has blown up wide plays to his side.
  • The Cowboys threw a blitz package in the 1st quarter which had Spencer and Demarcus Ware lined up side by side.  Dallas rushed six and forced a weak incompletion.
  • A role reversal by both teams.  The Giants are throwing almost exclusively on first down, hoping to pass on non-obvious passing downs.  Dallas is rushing a lot on first down and is moving the line of scrimmage up field.
  • So far, so good for the Dallas rush defense, which has the Giants backs under control.
  • Terence Newman needs a short memory.  He has a putrid YPA over 16.0 in the first half.  He's been the target for New York's offense.
  • As it did last week, Dallas is rushing only four men 60% of the time.
  • Dallas is using some peculiar kickoff returns where it pulls its wedge blockers, like pulling guards, from one side of the formation to the other.  The returns have been good, when Felix Jones is not putting the ball on the turf.
  • New York appears to be rotating its attack on the Dallas corners.  Terence Newman was the target on series one, Mike Jenkins on the first trip into the red zone and here mid-2nd, Mario Manningham was targeted on Orlando Scandrick on four straight passes.
  • The big point I stressed in the pre-game report: Dallas:  two red zone trips, two touchdowns; New York: two red zone trips, two field goals.

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