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Announcing the BTB iPhone Application!

In our efforts to keep up with the latest and greatest in today's hi-tech world, the Blogging the Boys team has launched its own application for the Apple iPhone. Now, you can check in on all things Dallas Cowboys right from the palm of your hand.

Click below for more details.

If you have an iPhone, search for "blogging the boys" from the application store to download your BTB app. You can also download it onto your personal computer's iTunes account here.

It is only $1.99, and well worth the price. You get access to your favorite blog right there on your phone's main screen. It was fun for me to see all your FanPosts pop up on there after the game Sunday night. There was a ton of them, but scrolling through on my phone made it a lot easier to keep up rather than having to get off the couch and fire up the old desktop.

The application features the latest stories, FanPosts, and FanShots. You can customize it to receive alerts when a new story is posted. Story links work as they would on your PC, complete with pictures. Also, a menu bar offers an option for you to search your favorite topic, or for archived stories.

Check out the screenshots below. Note: These are just sample images that you will see after you do your initial search for the application. Once you download it, you will have the most up-to-date Cowboys news.


BTB Homescreen


Story Screenshot


Topics Page


I will be checking this post regularly to answer any questions you may have.

[UPDATE by Dave]: After reading the comments from below, I thought this was appropriate.

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