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NFL Pickin' & Grinnin', Week 3

Ah, week two is always harder than week one.  The real trends begin to emerge.  This week I make a plea to the Bengals, my Bengals, for forgiveness. I picked them to make the playoffs.  And they showed maybe they'll be a surprise team by beating the Packers in Lambeau. 

So why didn't I pick them, then?  (Cowers at the stony look from the Bengals which says, "right! Don't call us 'your Bengals' if you're not going to be true!") 

This week, I show them some love:

      Game      Aaron    Dave     Rafael  
  Falcons vs. Pats    Pats Pats  Falcons
  Browns vs. Ravens    Ravens Ravens  Ravens 
  Packers vs. Rams  Packers Packers  Rams
  Jags vs. Texans  Texans    Texans  Texans
  Giants vs. Bucs  Giants Giants  Giants
  49ers vs. Vikings  Vikings Vikings  Vikings
  Jets vs. Titans  Titans Titans  Titans
  Redskins vs. Lions  Redskins Lions  Lions
 Bears vs.  Seahawks  Bears Seahawks  Bears
  Saints vs. Bills  Saints Saints  Saints
  Broncos vs. Raiders  Raiders Broncos  Broncos
  Dolphins vs. Chargers   Dolphins Chargers  Chargers
  Steelers vs. Bengals  Steelers Steelers  Bengals
  Colts vs. Cardinals  Cardinals Cardinals  Cardinals
  Chiefs vs. Eagles  Eagles Eagles  Eagles
  Panthers vs. Cowboys  Cowboys Cowboys  Cowboys
  Last Week        9-7     8-8     10-6
   Season    20-12    21-11      23-9

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