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The VRR: Cowboys (1-2) @ Vikings (3-0)

One more preseason game to go. One more game, and we will see the final 53. Tomorrow, by 5 p.m. the Cowboys will have to trim the roster by 22 players. Tonight's game will be it for the so-called "bubble" players to either burst out and show their worthiness, or float away into the clouds called "potential".

The Houston Chronicle names some of the hopefuls, who may still need to make their mark.

Several draft picks are in danger of being cut, including linebacker Stephen Hodge, receiver Manuel Johnson, cornerback Mike Mickens and tight end John Phillips. It also could be now or never for receiver Isaiah Stanback, who is trying to hold off an inspired challenge from undrafted rookie Kevin Ogletree.

The Star-T is thinking it's either/or between Doug Free and Pat McQuistan.

Tackles Doug Free and Pat McQuistan are in their third and fourth years, respectively, with Dallas. The team still doesn’t know if they can hold up if counted on. It’s time for them to show a pulse with extended playing time. If not, at least one might have played his last game in Dallas.

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Coach Phillips wants to see a sense of urgency from his players in tonight's game.

“I think this game will tell us a lot,” Phillips said. “This is a game that will tell us if they can play under pressure. It's on them to play well. “Some guys play under pressure well, and some guys don't. Your job is on the line. This is your opportunity to make the football team. Does this motivate you or are you just going to let it go by? That's the challenge.”

Does it seem as if the Cowboys play the Vikings every preseason? Going into tonight's game, it will make four consecutive years. Here are some more series notes on the two teams:

The Vikings first preseason game in the history of the franchise was against Dallas at Sioux Falls, SD, a game the Vikings lost 38-13.

The Vikings have finished the last 4 preseasons (2006-2009) with games against Dallas. Minnesota has finished 1-1-1 in the previous 3 years, with the tie coming in Coach Childress’ first year in 2006.

The Vikings are 12-14-0 against the Cowboys all-time in the regular season, including 5-9 at home and 7-5 away. -

The Vikings have played the Cowboys 6 times in the playoffs – twice in NFC Wild Card games, twice in NFC Divisional Playoff games and twice in NFC Championship games.

The Vikings have won 5 of the last 6 games between the 2 teams.

Here is's preview for tonight's game.

We will get to see much more of QB Rudy Carpenter.

A rotation at right cornerback: Is this a good thing? Apparently, the coaches have decided to alternate Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick at the position.

During the 16-game season Jenkins will start for the team in week 1 at Tampa Bay. Scandrick will start against the Giants in the Cowboys home opener week 2.

CBS 11 Sports talked to both after the coaches decision Thursday. Scandrick called it a good solution, Jenkins said "they want to keep the battle going apparently."

Both were told that if one of them gets hot and does particularly well the team will use that player more.

Assistant Secondary coach Brett Maxis says they didn't feel it was fair to name a clear-cut starter.

Hat tip to scottmaui for the FanPost.

The team named RT Marc Colombo as the 2008 Offensive Player of the Year yesterday at the Cowboys' Kickoff Luncheon. Rock on, dude!

Is Matt Mosely showing some true blue? Maybe a hint of mint. He's trying to prove, here, that Dallas is the most "stable" team in the division.

And after last year's drama that included allegations of Romo and road-trip roomie Jason Witten having pillow talk behind T.O.' s back, this appears to be the most stable locker room in the division. When I broached that subject with wide receiver Miles Austin on Wednesday, he started laughing.

"It's sort of nice not to have our names in the papers for all that stuff right now," Austin said. "I don't know about all the other locker rooms because I'm only in this one. But this locker room has a much different feel right now. I think guys are all about football, and that's a good thing."

In just a little over a week from now, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' offense will face last season's NFL sack leader. And I doubt Wade, Ware, and the rest of the Dallas defense will hold back just because the Bucs will be sporting a brand new offensive coordinator. 

So, why did Tampa fire Jeff Jagodzinski this week? Evidently, the team had concerns about his play-calling abilities.

Sometime during training camp, it became increasingly apparent to Bucs officials and players, that Jagodzinski was not equipped to install and direct an NFL offense. His expertise centered mostly around the zone blocking scheme, which he helped operate for the Atlanta Falcons.

But Jagodzinski lacked sophistication regarding protections and different aspects of an NFL passing game.

Quarterbacks coach, Greg Olsen, will take over as coordinator.

Former Cowboys LB, Eugene Lockhart, is in major trouble.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said Lockhart and the others made 54 fraudulent loan closings for single-family homes in the Dallas area that totaled about $20.5 million. The scheme started in February 2001 and involved obtaining loans to buy distressed or pre-forclosure properties sold at inflated prices. The defendants kept the surplus loan proceeds, according to the federal indictment.


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