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Might the Cowboys Make a Waiver Claim or Two?

I think so.  The team has already claimed a linebacker and a secondary player this week.  I wouldn't be surprised to see more. 

Injuries have wiped out the rookie class. Brandon Williams and Stephen Hodge are on IR.  Jason Williams and Robert Brewster are going to miss time.  Stephen McGee's development will stop now that the season starts.

Let's look at positions.  Three of the four rookie linebackers are out.  Those guys, Jason Williams and Hodge in particular, were counted on to bolster the special teams. 

The Cowboys got a head start on waiver study since so many teams played on Thursday. Here are some spots I anticipate are being studied even harder this afternoon

Cornerback -- The Cowboys have three good ones in Newman, Scandrick and Jenkins. Did anybody after that impress you?  Courtney Brown?  Mike Mickens

Not me. Corners are hard to come by this time of the year, especially young ones, but if a veteran shakes free, I doubt he would be worse that what we've seen.  The dropoff from 3rd to 4th corner is massive.

Wide Receiver -- I saw quite a few bubble guys around the league who have some skills, and who could beat out any of the guys battling for the 6th spot.  If Dallas wants to keep 6 receivers they might claim one.  And the Cowboys may want six, with Sam Hurd and now Kevin Ogletree dinged up.

Defensive Line -- I doubt a decent veteran shakes free.  The big street free agent names at the moment are greybeards like Vonnie Holliday, who may have no tread left on their tires.  Still, there are teams like Seattle, who may have a surplus and might be willing to make a deal.

Last week I said the third teamers didn't impress me and some people wondered what I meant.  Take last night's game as a test case.  When the 2nd unit of Siavii, Bowen and Hatcher was in, the Vikings 2nd teamers could not run.  As soon as Bowen and Hatcher came out, and Siavii worked with the 3rd team DEs, the Minnesota runners started gaining five, six and seven yards a try.

Offensive Line -- I say good things about them, and they reward me with a stinker.  Dallas had all five backups in, something it didn't do last week, when the backups played well. Then, the 2nd team OTs worked with the 1st team guards and the 2nd team center.

I'm no longer ready to give Pat McQuistan the benefit of the doubt.  That said, the pool of available prospects is awfully thin -- and old.  There are veterans out there, thought many of them are rehabbing injuries. The Chiefs cut Damion McIntosh yesterday.  I believe Mark Tauscher and Jon Runyan are still looking for teams. At this point I would rather have a gritty vet with a cartilage-deficient knee as my backup than a McQuistan or a Proctor.

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