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Turk Day for the Dallas Cowboys

The Turk has been busy today. Here are the players the Cowboys cut to get the roster down to 53.


QB: Rudy Carpenter
RB: Keon Lattimore
FB: Julius Crosslin, Asaph Schwaap
WR: Mike Jefferson, Manuel Johnson, Isaiah Stanback, Jesse Holley, Willie Reid
TE: Scott Chandler
OL: Travis Bright, Ryan Gibbons


NT: Jonas Seawright
DE: Derreck Robinson, Marcus Dixon
LB: Matt Stewart
S: DeAngelo Smith
CB: Courtney Brown, Mike Mickens, Jeremy Haynes, DeAngelo Willingham

Also, the team officially moved LB Stephen Hodge to IR.

Make the jump for Raf's snap analysis of the Cowboys' roster.


I'm going to jump into Aaron's thread and give a snap analysis of the roster.

Offense 25

QB (3)

  • Romo
  • Kitna
  • McGee

No surprises here


RB & FB (4)

  • Barber
  • F. Jones
  • Choice
  • Anderson

Nor here

TE (3)

  • Witten
  • Bennett
  • Phillips

John Phillips staked his place pretty early.

WR (5)

  • Williams
  • Crayton
  • Austin
  • Hurd
  • Ogletree

Anybody shocked?  

OL (10)

  • Adams
  • Kosier
  • Gurode
  • Davis
  • Colombo
  • Free
  • Holland
  • Preston
  • Proctor
  • McQuistan

I'm surprised there are ten here.  Is one a placeholder?  A conditional trade in the works?  The Cowboys did this with James Marten last year too.

ST (4)

  • P - McBriar
  • Ks -- Folk, Buehler
  • S -- Ladouceur
Defense (24)

DL (6)
  • Spears
  • Ratliff
  • Olshansky
  • Hatcher
  • Siavii
  • Bowen
LB (9)

ILB (4)
  • James
  • Brooking
  • Carpenter
  • Jason Williams
OLB (6)
  • Ware
  • Spencer
  • Octavien
  • Butler
  • C. Johnson
  • George
CB (4)
  • Newman
  • Scandrick
  • Jenkins
  • Ball
S (4)
  • Hamlin
  • Sensabaugh
  • M. Hamlin
  • Watkins
These numbers look one short at D-back and one heavy at OLB to me.  

Your turn.

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