Notes from Saturday night at the Death Star!

Driving/riding for 20 hours over a weekend has never been more worth it! Here are some thoughts about the game.

- The enviroment in the stadium was great. I've been to quite a few Dallas games and this was by far the best atmosphere I had been in. Everyone was excited because it was a playoff game but more importantly there was a wave of confidence over the crowd. I had been a bit nervous the entire game, but after Ted Nugent got done playing the national anthem, I looked to my buddy and said, "We're about to kick the crap out of these guys.".

-Damn Jerry, you really had to raise beers from 8.00 to 8.50 because of playoff games?

-Eagles fans were... quiet. Even the guy in front of us was pretty cool, he talked a little trash but was funny about. His wife/girlfriend was even funnier. A guy behind us kept saying that Eagle's fans sucked and she turned around smiling and said "your mom sucks". It was funny because it was unexpected.

-Emmitt Smith is loving eating his words. I'm not sure how much they showed of him on TV, but he was up in the box cheering like a mad man, giving the first down signal and working the crowd.

-The crowd in general reacted well. While they still reacted more than being proactive, there was a nice silence on offensive series and it definitly got louder every defensive snap. My voice was gone afterwards.

-The game itself was of course rewarding. Could there have been a more rewarding way for redemption after last years Philly debacle? The only thing that would make this more Hollywood, is if Dallas could win a sixth Super Bowl. Headlines the next day would be, "City of Philadelphia suicide rate rises 80 %".

-Best statline: D. Jackson 3 rec. 14yds and 1 trash TD. Unstoppable? Please.

-34 points with only 27 yards for Jason Witten. This is a TEAM.

-While Romo and Wade feel good, I'm so happy for Patrick Crayton. He made one huge 3rd down conversion and has morphed himself from faircatch Crayton to a good punt returner. After being the goat a couple of years ago, he has stepped up and made big plays when given the opportunity.

-Guarantee Mike Jenkins won't be pitching the ball anytime soon.

-Before the start of the season, the comparison for Miles Austin was Lance Moore. Looking back on that, it's almost silly. Great story, great teammate, and a great player. God I'm glad I was wrong about him.

-Jerry Jones gets alot of criticism, and alot of it is warranted, but he has to feel somewhat vindicated. Anthony Henry, Gregg Ellis, Terrell Owens, Chris Canty, and keeping Wade were moves blasted by media and some fans. Roy Williams was a bad move, but I think that there have been more things he's done right than wrong lately, and it's showing on the field.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.