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The Dream Is Over: Cowboys Bludgeoned By Vikings 34-3

The dream is over.

The Dallas Cowboys went to the Metrodome and got totally dominated by a Minnesota Vikings squad that was in peak form. The Cowboys lost 34-3, mainly because of a Vikings front-four that bullied and bludgeoned a potent Cowboys offense into submission. There were other problems - turnovers, missed FGs - but those were just symptoms, the disease was the Vikings big-uns up front. After Dallas squandered a couple of good drives to start the game, the Cowboys defense had an uncharacteristic yip when Sidney Rice got deep, and they could never get back on top. The Vikings sacked Tony Romo six times, had him on the run on numerous other plays, and when Dallas did manage to get anything done, Shaun Suisham missed twice, crushing any momentum. Brett Favre and Sidney Rice took care of the rest.

It’s a bitter end to what was a very good season. The Cowboys at least won a playoff game, that hurdle has been cleared. They just weren’t ready to step up to the elite in the NFL; when the opportunity presented itself at the beginning of the game, they let it pass instead of grabbing it by the throat.

There’s no way around it, they got out-classed by a Vikings team that was ready to play. After taking a few Dallas jabs to start the game, they danced the Cowboys around the ring, landing blow after blow. The Cowboys spent the game on the ropes, running for cover.

The offseason has begun. Soon, after a proper mourning period, we’ll start looking towards free-agency and the draft. It’s not the way we wanted it to end, but end it has. The only solace I can find is to look forward. Maybe next year, at home in Cowboys Stadium, will be our Super Bowl re-birth.


Ed. Note: Don’t lose your composure on the blog. There is no reason you’re madder than anybody else on here, so don’t act like you have to have special rules for your anger. Stay cool. Thanks.

Ed. Note II: That TD at the end doesn’t bother me, we kept going for it on 4th down. It’s just the game of football.

Ed Note III: Vikings fans, you can discuss the game, but please don't troll. We're naturally a little touchy right now. Trying to stir it up will lead to bans. You guys won, you crushed us, please cut us some slack.

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