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Sunday Early Games Open Thread

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Haltime Update:  I'm thinking some budding F. Lee Bailey out there could make a name for himself organizing a class action suit against the NFL on behalf of the paying fans.  The only games where I see starters playing hard against each other is Pittsburgh-Miami.  Otherwise, this is a repeat of the last week of pre-season.

-- RV

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The final regular-season week in the NFL calendar. The Cowboys line up with the Eagles later today in hopes of claiming the NFC East crown and secure at least a first-round home playoff game. With some help from the Giants over the Vikings and the Packers over the Cardinals, we could slide as high as the #2 seed.

The Giants travel to Minny in one of the early games.

Then, later today...the battle we've been waiting for, a chance to exact a little revenge over last year's Week 17 debacle. We don't need to win by a ton of points, anywhere from one to infinity will be just fine.

This is an open thread for game chat.