A Very Scary Alternate History...What If

Jerry had NOT cut TO ? Can you imagine where this team would be? Anyone seriously want to argue that they'd still be in the playoffs?

Last winter I was calling for the cutting of Owens-well, I was calling for it the day after he was signed, but he had his chance. But even last fall/winter most here felt that ,

1) Jerry wouldn't do it and admit a mistake, and

2) If he did, Dallas would miss his production.

They were, of course, proven wrong.

Let me count the ways his removal has directly led to the success of the Cowboys this year.

1) Roy Williams Wow, can you imagine? The two starting WR's we watch every week are Terrell Owens and Roy Williams? What is the NFL record for "drops" in a season on one team? RoyW's worthles year would be even more magnified as TO would match him drop-for-drop, and add in some whining along the way.

2) Which leads to Miles Austin Maybe, just maybe, Austin would have eventually been given his shot-But probably not. Too much invested in TO and RW, and he'd still be a second fiddle full of 'potential' we would have never seen.

3) Tony Romo's Growth and Success We've heard too often the overused phrase "Romo-friendly." But there's truth in there. Would he have grown into the calm, in-control leader we see now? No. It would be a completely different situation.

And his play would be different too. I say that if TO were here, Romo's completion % is around 58-60%, and he has 15 or so picks, as he tries to force the ball to two brickhanded, poor-route-running WR's. His frustration would have led to more chancy play and more picks as well.

He would be nowhere near where he has come this year.

4) The Defense I honestly believe there'd be a direct impact on the defense. A poor passing game, leading to more 3 and outs, more time on the field for the Cowboys' defense, and while they would have played well, I don't think they reach the heights they reached this year. They'd be more worn out both mentally and physically.

5) Lockerroom Intangibles I'll just leave it at that. Does this team show the same Brookings-inspired spirit and coheviseness if Mr. Owens is in the room?

Jerry didn't follow my other suggestion and let Wade go, and he has done well this year-although a loss Saturday will leave a sense of failure again.

But thank goodness he listened to common sense and finally ended the TO experiment-or the Dallas Cowboys would have just finished a 7-9 or 8-8 year and the season would be over.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.