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Brett Favre Considering Sitting Out Cowboys Game If Elbow Tendinitis Gets Worse

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Brett Favre: "wimpy injury" to elbow not pictured.
Brett Favre: "wimpy injury" to elbow not pictured.

Brett Favre has a lot on his plate right now.

He's been playing with a gimpy ankle. He's searching for his form from last year (67 passer rating after four games with as many interceptions as he had for the entire 2009 season). He may have run afoul of the NFL's personal conduct policy with a rather personal text message. And on top of all of that it would seem that his elbow is now hurting.

Favre sat out practice today and it's being widely reported that he "may" sit out the Cowboys game due to elbow tendinitis. Is this really a serious issue or is this the equivalent of Brett Favre threatening to hold his breath until he's purple in the face and everybody likes him again?

The Chicago Star Tribune reports that Favre missed practice today as the Vikings tried to get the inflammation in his elbow under control and is apparently considering sitting out the Cowboys game this Sunday.

Favre has been dealing with tendinitis in recent weeks and said before the practice he would be open to ending his NFL-record starting streak if he felt his presence on the field was hurting the team

Sitting out the game would obviously bring his streak of 289 consecutive starts to an end. But Brett sounds like he is putting the team first.

"You're not going to make every throw but I would have made some of those throws," said Favre, who was wearing a wrap on the elbow during his weekly news conference at Winter Park. "From that standpoint, I don't want to play just to play."

Is Brett Favre the type of player who - for the sake of the team - would unselfishly stop one of the greatest streaks in professional sports with what he himself calls a 'wimpy injury'?

"Prior to that if you had told me tendinitis would keep me out I would have laughed at you because I always looked at it as, 'That's kind of a wimpy injury'. It was painful. Very painful and for people who have had it lifting things is a problem. So throwing 50-yard bombs is even tougher. We've been treating it, it's been there for several weeks. It hasn't gotten any worse but it really hasn't gotten better."

I don't believe for a second that Favre is not going to suit up on Sunday so I'm calling shenanigans on this whole story.

What do you think: Serious injury or - to paraphrase Spiro T. Agnew - another example of a "hopeless, hysterical hypochondriac of history"?