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Cowboys Injuries: Andre Gurode In Doubt, Dez Bryant, Too

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Not a good time for some key people to come up with injuries. The Cowboys need to win this game against Minnesota like Brett Favre needs an unlimited-text cell phone plan. But here we are, with Andre Gurode's status in doubt, and the health of Dez Bryant in question.

Gurode has a knee injury and had trouble with a full practice on Thursday, he says he'll go, but players almost always say that. The contingency plan is to move Kyle Kosier over to center, a position he's never played in a game. Montrae Holland would then slide in at left guard. If Kosier has to play center, then the center/QB exchange is going to be a huge concern all game. Not only that, but Kosier will have to deal with all new blocking assignments. Luckily, the Cowboys did have Kosier snap to the QB's in pre-practice warmups all through camp, and they still do some at practice each week.

Gurode will attempt to practice today.

Dez Bryant's ankle is a concern again after re-injuring it in the Titans game.

"Dez did not practice ... he's still having problem with the ankle. We held him out again," Phillips said. "I am worried that he might not be able to play."

Bryant did participate in some of today's practice.