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New Weekly Feature: Cowboys FanPost Of The Week

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Early in the 2009 season, I often logged on to BTB multiple times each day, knowing that I would get insightful front-page coverage of the Cowboys. And I always did. Soon enough, however, I began to look beyond the front page; in particular, I always kept my eyes peeled for O.C.C.'s weekly "Seven Statistical Nuggets" FanPosts, in which he would drop some serious numerical know-how about the most recent game. As I read each week's musings, I wondered to myself: "how can this guy not be on the front page?" Apparently,  I wasn't the only one pondering this question; as you all know, O.C.C. was promoted to the front page mid-season, and has been gracing us with his insight and statistical acumen ever since.

With this in mind, I'd like to introduce a new BTB feature, which I'll call the "FanPost of the Week." In it, I'll recognize those of you who, like O.C.C. circa 2009, are using the FanPost feature to share an interesting perspective, craft a thoughtful argument, or bring our attention to a neglected or overlooked factoid. My motivation in developing this feature is to recognize this fact that the BTB community and its wealth of knowledge extends far beyond the front page scribes. Without you all, we'd just be shouting into the wind.

I'm please to announce that our inaugural FanPost of the week belongs to scottmaui, whose post on Felix Jones exhibits all the qualities of a top-notch front page post, and more: he pursues a theory, supporting it with historical and statistical evidence. He situates himself within a meaningful conversation (some might say argument). And he includes video!

A few highlights to share:

  • There are multiple factors that contribute to a successful running play/ game. All other factors being equal, Felix Jones is a superior running back
  • Why? Jones has an almost singular ability to create "explosive" plays
  • On two equally well-blocked running plays, Jones would get more from his play than Marion Barber would from his
  • Jones has improved as a blocker, such that he can now be trusted to be the feature back

There is much more; I encourage those of you who haven't yet read maui's musings to do so--and to contribute your thoughts on the Cowboys in some FanPosts of your own. You never know; ol' Rabble might just use this space to give you the props you deserve!