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Will Cowboys Shine vs Giants In Monday Night Lights?

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While some Dallas Cowboys fans are looking forward to the Monday night game against the Giants, others are worried that the Cowboys will crumble yet again on this most public stage the NFL has to offer.

Will the Cowboys shine in the Monday night lights? Historically, the Cowboys have done well on the big stage.

Monday’s game marks the Cowboys' 71st Monday night game since 1970 - the second-most Monday night appearances in the league behind the Dolphins' 74. Not surprisingly, these two teams are also the winningest teams in the NFL.

The Cowboys have a 42-28 (.600) Monday night record, giving them the most wins of any team in the league and the fifth best winning percentage. This week marks the 10th time the Cowboys will face the N.Y. Giants on Monday night. The Cowboys have a 7-2 record against the Giants on MNF, and are 4-1 when playing at home.

The Giants have traditionally had more difficulty with the big stage. They are 19-31-1 on Monday Night Football and 12-23-1 on the road. Their MNF winning percentage of .382 is the fifth lowest in the league. However, in the last Monday night game between the two teams, the Giants beat the Cowboys, 36-22, on Oct. 23, 2006.

Mike Tirico will handle the play-by-play, and he is joined by analysts Ron Jaworski and Jon Gruden (listen closely to what he has to say - he's the early frontrunner for the Cowboys HC). Suzy Kolber and Michele Tafoya will be reporting from the sidelines. ESPN International will also broadcast the game to Cowboys fans (and a few Giants fans) in over 180 countries. Yours truly will be one of those fans.

But here's the question: After two must-win games in a row - which the Cowboys both lost - what do you call this game? A really, really must-win game? A giant must win-game?