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Staturday Nation: Recommended Reading From Around SB Nation

MapSaturday is usually not the most active day on an NFL blog, so why don't you kick back, relax, and catch up on you SB Nation reading before the college games start?

After the jump, you'll find a collection of links to some of the great articles being published around SB Nation, some of them stat-heavy, some of them not.

Today, we serve up food-themed power rankings in which the Cowboys are a continental breakfast, look at what Winston Wolf has got to do with Bill Parcells and collectively shake our heads at fantasy football players who take it just a little to far. Enjoy.

  • If They Were Food -- Week 7 Power Rankings. Orange Rush from the Mile High Report continues with his food-themed Power Rankings. The 26th ranked Cowboys are described as "Continental breakfast at the Hotel Suave - It sounds great, but it's not what you think. Travel boxes of cereal and canned fruit? This breakfast is a lie."
  • The Obsession With Fantasy Football...Is It Too Much? Mike Kerns from the Texans' Battle Red Blog wonders at what point did fantasy football become more important to fans than their own actual real-life teams?
    So when Thomas Jones broke a touchdown run late in the 4th quarter this past Sunday, Reliant Stadium fell quiet. Except for one ass clown two seats down from me, who was jumping up and down and cheering like crazy. I am all for cheering for your team, even if it is as a guest in a visiting stadium.

    There was just one snag in that thought. This guy was decked out from head to toe in Texans gear. What the hell was this guy's problem? As the eyes of hatred reached him from the dozens of pissed off fans around him, he simply pumped his fist and said "Hell yeah! Thomas Jones is on my fantasy team!!!"
  • I'm Winston Wolf. I Solve Problems... Brantner78 from the Dolphins' Phinsider site ponders Bill Parcells' abrupt departure in Miami, only to realize that Bill Parcells is in fact ... Winston Wolf.
  • Some Clarification is in Order: Steady Backs versus Burst Backs Update. maxwellsdemon from the Mile High Report updates his post on which feature backs get their YPC averages through big gains, thus offsetting a poor average versus which feature backs run close to their average consistently.
  • Statistics 101: Tight End Edition. James Real of The Falcoholic offers a beginner's guide with some commonly used and some lesser known statistics used to evaluate tight ends.
  • On the SB Nation front page, Andrew Sharp partners up with Odds Shark to bring you a look at the lines and odds in week seven.
  • Need some fantasy advice? SB Nation has the top player rankings for Week 7.

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