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Cowboys FanPost Of The Week: Binomials, Patriots And Dogs, Oh My!

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This week's recipient of the coveted FanPost of the Week award goes to a member who has of late graced us with statistically rich and theoretically sophisticated weekly musings, in the style of Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback. Only smarter. Yes, BTBers, it's our own Fan in Thick and Thin, whose latest, a "FMQB," offers brilliant ruminations upon a staggering variety of topics, including:

  • win probability
  • the Cowboys' wretched pass defense
  • the ways in which New England conducts business (and no, he's not talking about Spygate)
  • fascinating comparisons between training dogs and training football players (I know, I know, after the Giants game, its hard to tell the difference)

Somehow, Thick manages to construct a reasonably coherent narrative from these disparate strands. More importantly, he offers superb statistical evidence to support his claims and, in discussing the Patriots organizational values, skewers some conventional wisdom regarding talent acquisition. His thesis was so persuasive, in fact, that it inspired my next post, which you'll see later this week.

In the meantime, drop by Thick's place and read his excellent work!