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Cowboys Game Ball Of The Week: Youth Is Served

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I know - with the Dallas Cowboys season crumbling around us it's hard to even contemplate the good things. But as they say in the entertainment world, the show must go on. So it is that the Cowboys will have to complete the final 10 games on their schedule. And this blog must go on covering what's left of this apocalyptic season. So with that in mind, we must hand out a Game Ball of the Week.

For the Giants game, I think there's only one guy we could honor here. If you want to shake some of those Cowboys blues we've all been feeling, concentrate on the future, and players who might be part of a bright future. That's the therapy prescription for all despondent Cowboys fans. Taking my on advice, when things get dark, I think about the presence of a player who we'll be praising for seasons to come.

In that spirit, the Game Ball of the Week goes to none other than rookie sensation Dez Bryant.

We've talked about Dez having all the tools for a big-time wide receiver. He has tremendous hands and uses them to latch on to almost anything thrown his way. He's got size, he can get physical with defenders and use his body to shield the ball. We've talked about his yards after catch ability, and we're starting to see that in action. He's already put up two touchdowns on punt returns, the ultimate display of "yards after catch", plus, we're starting to see him do it as a wide receiver.

This season might go down as one we'd like to forget, but we'll also remember that this is the year that Dez Bryant became a Dallas Cowboy. If his early performances are indicative of his future after he's had the time to develop in this league, then the Cowboys have an emerging star on their hands.

So shake those Cowboys blues for a minute, and watch Dez in action.

Notes on Dez:

-- Dez Bryant has 22 receptions for 265 yards and three touchdown catches.

-- Bryant leads the NFL in punt-return average (16.9) and is tied with Devin Hester for the most punt-return touchdowns (two). 

-- Bryant is only the second rookie in franchise history with two punt-return touchdowns in a season (Kevin Williams, 1993).

-- Bryant's 93-yard PR-TD against the Giants was the second-longest in club history (Dennis Morgan, 98-yard punt-return touchdown at the Rams on 10/13/74).